Glowing Aircraft and Objects - Outline around aircraft or objects

This is after 02/16 update. Can’t believe no one at Asobo noticed this. I saw it first flight. :man_facepalming:

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I noticed the same around the Tower at Seattle

Also noticed on the longitude. Hope this is sorted out soon, at least in the next update

Depending on lighting conditions, I’m now getting a blue line around the edge of my plane with World Update #3. Not a big deal I guess but should get fixed. Vote +1

Not a big deal? Really? When did this become Borderlands?


It seems that the clouds are not fully rendered up to the contours of the airplane / scenery. In the picture you can see part of the sun shining through the lower fuselage. Additionally, for comparison, the same shot without clouds. I think this is a rendering problem that was introduced with the enhancement of the pixelated clouds.

Have the same issue after the patch. Tried turning of post processing in the config file but to no avail.

That is probably also the reason why the contour color changes depending on the time of day. Sunrise = orange contours, during the day blue contours.

Blue borders on objects

Same for me :frowning:

C’mon asobo, each new update you break something else entirely!


I have the same issue.
Only appears to be when there is clouds in daytime…
I have tried all sorts of settings to see if one of the settings affects it, including post processing, but nothing seems to make a difference.

I don’t appear to have it when using the external camera, but I have it in the cockpit for everything that is fairly close by… didn’t notice it on buildings etc. only on some of the windshield edges and horizon edges…

AMD card (RX5700XT) if that helps…

Its a complete immersion killer :frowning_face:


Same here!

See treeline here - same around airframe when silhouetting

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Could also reproduce this after landing at a grey and rainy Salzburg. This does not only affect airplanes, but scenery as well!

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Yes I’ve noticed this around trees also, you can see the tree issue in the short hop mission you get in WU 3.

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Same here, ugly outline over the hills

Also here, filed a bug regarding "halo"s… they can also be darker than the object, but the bright ones are the most annoying… kinda 80’s “scissored” overlay effect…

Try moving the drone camera from side to side:

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Same here. Seems there is no quality control at ASOBO. Amateurish development.


Post Zendesk tickets please!

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