Robin DR400 Mod


Anyone know of a good mod for the DR400 default?

Thank you.

There are several liveries and a wood panel mod. Or do you mean performance mod?

I find the DR400 is actually quite close to the performance of the real thing. I guess you could simulate installing a highflow air filter and new plugs by boosting power scalar from 1.0 to 1.1 but anything more would not be representative of the small engine. In MSFS, it’s great for air-scenery tours. Docile and easy to fly. Not so good for getting somewhere in a hurry.

Try this one:

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Thanks. I’ll try those.

I’ve also installed this mod but now i can’t insert liveries which designed for the “standart” one.

Or did anyone knew how?

Yes, it’s possible but not simple at all.
Perhaps the best solution is to download this pack:
You have the Dranbar DR400 160HP and a pack of adapted liveries

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KlavierGans51 and PlumbGlue67

Actually it is simple if you have the right tool. Seems like a lot of steps when written down but it took me less than 2 minutes to add my own chrome repaint of the standard DR400 to the DR400 Dauphin.

Number 5 is a real pain to do it manually but there is a little tool you can download that will do this for you. Anyone doing repaints loves this tool. Notes from the tool:-

  1. Download the latest release from this repository and place the executable in a convenient location on your PC.
  2. Drag any file named “layout.json” onto the exe.
  3. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and check out your changes.

If you haven’t made any errors then you are ready to fly the great Dauphin with your new livery.

And in a shameless plug for my own work :grin: here is an example of a repaint of my own I added to the Dauphin.

New repaint’s texture folder name is CHROME

All the original part of the arcraft.cfg was unchanged with these lines added at the bottom.
title = “DR400-140B Chrome” ; Variation name
model = “” ; model folder
panel = “” ; panel folder
sound = “” ; sound folder
texture = “CHROME” ; texture folder
kb_checklists = “DR400_LYCOMING_check” ; Procedures/Checklist sibling file name
kb_reference = “Cessna172SP_ref” ; Reference information sibling file name
description = “TT:AIRCRAFT.DESCRIPTION” ; Variation description.
wip_indicator = 2 ; know if the variation is good to go or still WIP : -1=Disabled, 0=Rough, 1=1st Pass, 2=Finished
ui_manufacturer = “TT:AIRCRAFT.UI_MANUFACTURER” ; e.g. Boeing, Cessna
ui_type = “TT:AIRCRAFT.UI_MODEL” ; e.g. 747-400, 172
ui_variation = “TT:AIRCRAFT.LIVERY.DEFAULT” ; e.g. World Air, IFR Panel
ui_typerole = “Single Engine Prop” ; e.g. Single Engine Prop, Twin Engine Prop, Rotorcraft, etc
ui_createdby = “moi” ; e.g. Asobo Studio, Microsoft, FSAddonCompany, etc
ui_thumbnailfile = “” ; app relative path to ThumbNail image file
ui_certified_ceiling = 14000 ; service ceiling / max certified operating altitude (ft)
ui_max_range = 660; max distance the aircraft can fly between take-off and landing in (NM)
ui_autonomy = 5.5 ; max duration the aircraft can fly between take-off and landing in (Hrs)
ui_fuel_burn_rate = 50 ; average fuel consumption per hour (lbs/hr) - reminder: fuel density is ~6.7lbs per US gallon
atc_id = “VH-CMB” ; tail number
atc_id_enable = 1 ; enable tail number
atc_airline = “” ; airline name
atc_flight_number = “” ; flight number
atc_heavy = 1 ; heavy?
atc_parking_types = “RAMP” ; “ANY” / “RAMP” / “CARGO” / “MIL_CARGO” / “MIL_COMBAT” / “GATE” / “DOCK”
atc_parking_codes = “” ; Comma separated and may be as small as one character each
atc_id_color = “” ; color for the tail number : i.e. “#ffff00ff
atc_id_font = “” ; font for the tail number

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Perfect, thx a lot. Will test it later in the evening :wink:

Is this August 2020 mod still updated ?? No other DR400 mod available maybe ?

The DR400-140 ? No, I don’t think so, but I’ve flown it recently and it has no issues.

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