Robinson R-22

One of my favorite things to fly in FSX was the Robinson R-22 Betta II and I think it would be an excellent first helicopter for this simulator (:

Nooooo …

The first one has to be a Huey, the Bell UH-1.

Seriously though, it would probably be a good choice. Fairly simple and easy’ish to fly.

I’ll give you my vote.

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The R22 feels like the C152 of rotary wings, definitely a good place for new pilots to start.


Aye great first Helo. Have an up vote

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The R22 is great to have - although it does have it’s limitations.
(I have about 400 hours on them and instructor rating)
The R22 is used as a basic trainer due to it’s low cost and in that it excels.
It does have a low rotor inertia which means that autorotations are a little more hurried
and you can easily get low rotor rpm in many situations if you are not aware.
With it being a 2 blade teetering head, mast bumping is an issue (no negative G if you want to live).
Weight limits are quite low and 2 grown men will mean you will need full power to hover IGE on a hot day.
Apart from that I have fond memories of doing tail in and tail out hovering circles around the “H” in an R22 in the rain just to get my hours up for my instructor course.