Rockwell Shrike?

Does anyone know of a good MS2020 version of the North American Rockwell “Shrike”? Thanks…

I don’t know of one that has been announced or in development, but I would love to see one as well!

watch Bob Hoover fly one - and stay for the ‘glass of iced tea’ maneuvers


I’d love a nice Commander of any variety. Sadly, nothing exists at the moment.

Our best bet is probably hoping that carenado ports over their FSX Shrike or Commander to MSFS 2020. I fear that’s about the only way we’re going to get something like it.

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Bob Hoover was without doubt one of the finest pilots ever, was it him that rolled with a 707?
Edit: Not him, it was Tex Johnson!

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Bob Hoover and Chuck Yeager served together. Bob was the backup pilot for the X-1. I got the opportunity to hear BrigGen Yeager speak while in the military. Very cool to meet a legend of aviation.

A number of Bob’s airshows are available on YouTube. It is amazing to see him dead stick the old Commander. It was ashame when the FAA pulled his air show LOA.


I’d like to see one for MSFS, too.
Milton Shupe had a great version for FSX that I really miss. Sadly, I don’t think he’s doing anything for MSFS, though.