ROG CHAKRAM Mouse shows up 5x in MSFS controls

Title says it all, I recently purchased an Asus ROG CHAKRAM mouse (expensive, but so far, worth it). Problem is that under the Control section in the sim, it’s showing up 5 times! Rest assured, at the price, I do NOT have 5 of them…

Now, as far as I’ve been able to tell, it’s not causing any problems, though sometimes I do have issues with my mouse not behaving properly in MSFS. But I always dismissed that as just a side effect of how busy the sim makes my system to begin with, and it’s also nothing new with this mouse.

Regardless of if it causes problems or not, however, I’d still like to see it only once. Any ideas or suggestions as to how to make that happen? I would be happy just to delete all but one of them (the one with the commands assigned, naturally), but I don’t know how to do that.

Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance…

Did you find any solution? Have the same problem

Hi there, I too have the same problem in that the Chakram X is displaying five times under the game controllers menu! Also, the mouse joystick doesn’t seem to be aligned with the standard left right up down arrow keys. I’ve read on other forums that it’s almost like the Chakram is competing to be the primary game controller over others! It’s a great mouse, but I’d like to make it slightly more stable within the Sim. Any ideas please?

My ultimate solution was to replace it with a Logitech track ball. I love it, probably will never go back to a traditional mouse.