ROLLBACK an Update

PLEASE ASOBO, give us the Option to Rollback an update.



This! Stop forcing us to update to your crappy beta releases.

Please kill this useless post lol

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I think it’s a good idea, but I wonder if it’s even possible to have multiple versions running on the same ecosystem at the same time.

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We had this option in FSX, whether you wanted to update or not. Or if they can not do that, then they should have a beta version of an update release and (after feedback) the real update.

Same with X-plane. But since this is a live sim, I’m guessing that once it goes out into the Matrix, the changes are universal and not worth the infrastructure investment to pull off serving and streaming multiple versions to the masses?

I know they talked about the Beta and expanding it beyond a small pool of developers. Boy what a lightbulb moment that was (says sarcastically). Giving Beta to a representative sample of users seems to be the most-sensible option to me. Maybe rolling out micro-updates more frequently as opposed to packaging so much together would help too, who knows. Something definitely needs to be done on the QA front. It’s been a month now that we’ve been in a buggy sim. First it was the UK drama, now this.

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Agreed. Or a beta on updates. Either one will do :slight_smile:


This topic has been on the forum many times.

There is a current wishlist here if you wish to cast your vote: