Rollback to SU8 for Xbox Users

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I think the trouble with just carrying everything over to SU10 ( normally this would be a valid pathway) is that you are building on top of ( and introducing more code changes to ) an inherently unstable platform.
That the current build is unstable is beyond doubt - very small changes or tweaks to users’ start up configurations are showing a massive divergence in outcomes - so server issues are exacerbating the situation.
My own experience tells me that you need a stable fixed baseline to develop from but we haven’t got that (especially If you’re an Xbox user). There are even enough issues for PC users to indicate that SU9 isn’t stable enough to use as a baseline.
So whilst I would almost never be in favour of a rollback, in this particular instance I believe thst the situation is dire enough to warrant emergency action ( because that’s exactly what a rollback is)


I’m not.

I’m mildly frustrated with the stuttering and CTD’s, but I’m not angry. The developer’s allergy to communication is also exceptionally frustrating (actually my biggest bugbear) but angry? No.

I think (and I’m not just saying this to you) you need to manage your expectations and look at the wider picture i.e. how big, and complex, this sim is, and how a literally infinite number of variables in regard to coding, addons, aircraft etc is never going to produce a 100% stable sim.

Even Xplane suffers with these issues. And that’s been out for over 5 years.


I have limited technical knowledge so I honestly can’t prove what I am saying, it’s my opinion.

me! and me and me!

Well that is why people say SIM8 was the best cos the issues were not as great!

But - I get ya!

There are many variables in this sim!

But - the fact this is on XBOX is still remarkable! But - lot of help is needed still.

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I’ve just had 4 CTDs in a row. I literally can’t even play anymore. I fully agree with a rollback to SU8, unfortunately, I don’t think that can ever happen.

Here’s hoping for an actual fix, not this “hotfix” rubbish that changed nothing. I think we’ll be waiting for SU10 though :roll_eyes:


I have have CTD 3 times in a row lol trying to start flight from LAX to Hawaii and cuts out when I am about the start lol - I wonder if I need to start COLD rather than SPAWN on runway…

You need to walk away from it and take a break like I’ve done. One of two things will happen in the near future…the miracle patch will come out, or MS will take it out behind the barn and cut their losses.


I think I will have to join you…even now wanna do simple 3 hour flight but avonic screen cuts off - crashing before I even spawn onto the runway.


What game you playing now? I might get back on FIFA 22

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Mostly sports and COD

right right I have a Series S will look on Microsoft Store see a GOOD GAME to keep my tied up till MSFS get their brains sorted lol.

I wanna play GTA 4 classic - that should be on the store to download!

forza`s been taking up the slack

I agree with other posts, No rollback will come. But if it did, going back to SU4 would be best for PC, SU6 would be best for all

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Fix for xbox is out in beta:

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FS 2020 is just FSX in drag. CAN WE UPVOTE THIS PLEASE! Truest comment since this thing launched.

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So far, the update patch seems to be okay…

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yes, latest patch is getting near the SU8 standard on my xboxs and hopefully getting others back flying too


Everything is fine for me so far. Even the waypoint data is intact.

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