Rollback to SU8 for Xbox Users

As the title suggests. I believe there are enough serious issues for Xbox users, even after the hotfix, that a rollback is in order.

I could enjoy the sim under SU8, but it’s destroyed at this point IMHO.


Since this sim is a live “online” platform it could not be rolled back for one system.

We all use the same servers and would have to rollback for PC as well.


I’m grasping at straws here. God, I’m frustrated beyond belief!

My opinion only, but I’m certain that the msfs2020 franchise for Xbox users is teetering on the edge of the cliff.


Yeah i think would make life easier - the logbook still not logging all flights and landings!

Imagine doing 3 hour flight land and it is not logged…


my logbook stopped tracking my flight hours months ago. Now I just keep my own logbook. Im frozen at 76hrs. but have closer to 400hrs.

That is not good cos you miss out on trophies etc etc etc


Brutal, man.

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When FS 2020 was first announced, I thought “Great!, finally a sim that is not constrained by the limits of FSX, one that will be able to take full advantage of modern hardware.” The hope was that in so doing, FS 2020 wouldn’t be the science project that FSX was, where most of us spent way more time tweaking to try to get it to run halfway decently instead of flying.

And yet, here we are again. Constant bugs and inexplicable performance fluctuations, and far more people complaining about the situation online and desperately looking for answers than there are users who are actually flying trouble-free. In hindsight though, none of this should really be a surprise. Asobo actually said early on that FS 2020 is NOT a new sim from the ground up. It is a very pretty wrapper surrounding the same old broken-down FSX code, with some improvements added. Asobo said that this continued reliance upon the FSX code still limited what they could do, despite the improvements they have been able to make.

Considering how many years it was between dropping FSX and finally deciding to return to Flight Simulator, Microsoft should have had a better plan than to just put some lipstick on FSX and call it a new creation. I’m starting to think this is the core of the problems we’re seeing. FSX always had severe performance problems, inexplicable fluctuations in performance, memory leaks, inability to fully use all CPU cores, underutilization of the GPU, etc. For example, the problem of long flights causing crashes traces straight back to FSX. It behaved exactly the same way.

This thing should have been written from scratch as a brand new sim, able to fully utilize the quantum leap in CPU, RAM, and GPU horsepower that has occurred since the FSX era. Instead, it seems we’re still stuck in 2010, with a sim that performs very poorly no matter how much hardware you throw at it.

FS 2020 is just FSX in drag.


I’m not so sure that’s the case, considering Asobo released an un announced patch for X-Box several months ago that actually put the X-Box on a different version number of MSFS than the PC counterpart.

Regardless, something needs to be done. The fact that they admitted in the release notes to the patch that many problems were discovered in the beta without the ability to fix prior to releasing season update 9, and yet released SU9 knowing there were going to be many issues could make anyone question the decision making of Asobo and Microsoft. This has been on ongoing issue, going all the way back to before MSFS being released in August of 2020.

Frankly, there’s zero reason to have a beta testing program at this point because they have ignored reported issues over and over again, instead deciding to put emphasis on release dates instead of quality of product for the end user.


I’m not defending ms in any manner but … I’m not having any issues. Installed and update works as expected. Well not any new issues that I can’t put either to me not understanding the game or bugs that have been id’d.
I moved from an Xbox S to a Xbox X without problem. I understand some folks are having major issues. I’m sure it’s not fun at all.
As for the logbook issues … I always make sure I shut down the plane after landing. Then I quit the game. I don’t know but I feel the game saves some stuff local and some stuff in the ‘cloud’. I ‘learned’ this in may moves from S to X. When I re-installed the game on the X the engine hours and custom plane settings disappeared but logbook stayed with me.
If there is interest I share what I do to keep my install on the Xbox ‘clean’.


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Just can’t believe they thought this ‘worked’ and released the update as it was. You can see it’s wrong before you even get to the start page(if it doesn’t just randomly skip the entire push any button screens).

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How did you come up with this stat?

As a PC-User, I would also prefer a Rollback.


The texture streaming on the Xbox series s is still broken, vegetation and buildings load as you fly over them, sim update 8 was so much better. Why is no one looking into this?


Surely the majority agree a rollback to su8. I can’t play the game it’s awful, AP does what it likes(if you get that far)…

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I see this claim every time someone asks this or something similar, and we all just nod an move along as if it’s gospel.

This is what has been communicated by the DEV’s during the Q&A sessions when it has come up. Everyone is on the same playing field when it comes to the Servers versions whether you are on XBOX or PC.

Because it is live / online you all have to be at the same release a the Servers (unlike Xplane, etc). So to rollback a server version would affect everyone regardless of platform.

Since the update the sim is playable again on Xbox -barely- I’ve done a few hours of flight testing since the update on my Xbox X.
CTD on world screen - none after update, plenty before
Flickering windscreen. Fixed
Stuttering - reduced but panning in cockpit introduces huge stutters still - some ac worse than others. Very unpleasant. -SU 8 was a lot smoother. Had some big stutters approaching runway 06 at ELLX - of the sort you howl in frustration at - not there in SU 8
Live weather stutters also seem to have been reduced somewhat.
We have overblown turbulence and I got so fed up with it that I advanced flight time to early evening - this not only reduced turbulence but seemed to reduce stutters considerably - needs more of a look to verify as we’re tinkering with too many variables in this mess.
Yes - needs rolling back to SU8 as I think the devs have really broken the sim for most of us - Xbox users worst of all this time but reading the posts on this forum SU9 has taken away one heck of a lot more than it’s given us! What a disaster.
Why? why? why?


But this mess affects everyone pc and xbox… So a rollback is needed