Rolling Cache and Manual Cache on a ssd is it working for you?

Im on pc and use premium de luxe version of the sim through xbox app.

I expand my pc with an 1tb ssd 980 pro nvme but because of lack of M2 slot i made it external
and connect it on usb 3.0
The purpose i bought it and set it up like this had to do with rolling Cache because i noticed it works imo, so i had tested it on another drive to experiment with it so i used at first my old kingston 240gb satadisk as it would serve well enough for this purpose.
Created a 40gb cache file of roling cache on this disk this worked but i found it was a bit to slow in reading and writing but there was activity and this separate disk and plenty of activity on network from Kb up to 3 digits Mbit p/s depending on where you fly and and in what kind of scenery you fly.
It seems to stream the data in the space where the rolling cache got created and get readiing for in the sim.
For this reason i decided to buy this new ssd i spoke of ealier in this post and the reason for this is speed in reading and writing for it is a lot faster than sata and i also created a 100gb space for rolling cache file, which i can easilly expand.
i created also a 40gb space for manual cache on this new disk although i still have to test that, and in the back of my mind i think because this will download directly (different protocol i think) it would be better to save this on the local cache map > scenery cache in the sim enviroment itself. But i have to test this yet

My sim is located on a different ssd also on 1tb 980 pro solely for the sim itself.
Here are some screenshots of my taskmanger during flight
Ethernet/Lan and ssd

And cpu, memory and gpu

Im no tech savy, but these are the results i have so far and like to share with community
and im curious about your findings and experience with this Rolling/Manual Cache



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X V are the SSD Drives with 1,7 MB/sec ?

This speed would be a catastrophe for an SSD.
Measure the speeds with Crystaldiskmark and show the results here

X:V are 2 partions on 1 ssd, its read and write speed
But i have made the ssd external, connected thru usb 3.0 with this i cannot go to full speed benefiet
This is due to use an older motherboard which has no m2 slots on it
So before i would download the crystaldiskinfo you gonna have to do it with this info which is straight from taskmanager.
Im aware that this is slower but faster than sata
These photographs also show at the moment as frame has got on camera.
Speeds on writing cache file where a lot higher over 200mbit when building cache file
Then from there the sim asks data from there at the speed it needs.
Like on plane terrain generic it sits still while entering photogrammetry area it comes back to live with much higher speeds. So it depends on where you fly.

Manual cache file is much bigger to download for example region Rotterdam the Hague area in the Netherlands is just a smal piece but i had to expand for the second time up to 30gb manualcache file
And take a total of 21.75 gb at amazing network speed download up to over 800Mbit

The manual cache file just created makes it possible to shut off online function and still have photogrammetry in the sim offline be aware that this needs huge amount of diskspace

These speeds are complete fail

If it’s the 1TB Samsung 980 Pro M.2 it should do

7000 MB/s read
5000 MB/S write

A fast hard drive is between 150 MB/s and 200 MB/s
Anything else would be a waste of time and money
I don’t use rolling cache at all
The image measurement also works without it

Good for you and you are fully entitled to
But it is nice to see it works, and besides on an old systeem i can imagine that on a very high end system it is no nessecity to have, but on low end it could be just something enough to fly around
and save up some cash for another pc if one likes and can use this 980 pro with it as well.
For we are not all bading in wealth, but for sure people like to fly and who knows it may work for xbox
So im happy to test.



The image measurement depends on your internet speed.
The fastes PC wouldnt help if it was too low

For a relatively low cost you can get a PCI M2 adapter card which would allow you to connect the drive directly to your PCI bus rather than via USB. This might be a good option for you to look at. This assumes you have a slot free, but most adapters will work with x4 slots (albeit not as fast) up to x16.

Example: SABRENT M.2 SSD NVMe to PCIe Adapter with Aluminum Heatsink and Thermal Pad, for SSDs up to 16TB, M.2 NVMe to PCI-E converter 3.0 X4 X8 X16 Card (EC-PCIE): Electronics & Photo


Just leaving this here :slight_smile:

This i can use i still have one more pcie slot open thanks

So i have bought this pci-e device Akasa AK-PCCM2P-05 interfacekaart/-adapter M.2 Int
And am very pleased with this
As created manually a cache file on the ssd 1 tb 980 pro and it created a 110gb file very fast
Only a few seconds at 2.4 gbit/s and created some regions like he complete city of rotterdam and the Hague in the Netherlands which are large photogrammetry and Tin about 18gb.
Downloading goes upto at 800mbit on the network, and im pleased to see that.

Also done a test last night and created a shared map at an old laptop
To store a 10 gb cache file on it created over the home network and made a small cache file for Bali Indonesia WADD airport just to get a clear vision on network activity with flying out of the area, and back in to see what it does with and without rolling cache, and if manual cache take over in a manually cached reagion and it did.
When i flew out i could see on the laptop tt connection stayed but activity stopped as soon as i left the manual cached region flew around on rolling cache for some time and headed back to manual cached region again and i could see network activity and disk activity came alive on both on laptop and pc without hesitate

Next thing to try is departure airport and arrrival airport manually cached with surrounding area, and fly along with roling cache enroute.