Rolling Cache....not working?

Every time I check the rolling cache file it is empty. I’ve tried increasing the size and the location to no avail. what am I doing wrong. ( I’m no computer expert ). Thanks

Make a folder before you load up the simulation.
Ms cache or something.
Then load msfs.
Go to rolling cache settings and point to the folder.
The rolling cache doesn’t appear to have much if any effect on framerate, other than flying round the same area with a poor net connection.
Regards Dean near EGND.

I don’t think it’s supposed to, MSFS still has to draw the scenery whether it comes from the Internet or your disk drive. As I understand it it was meant to cut down load times for people with slow to average Internet bandwith, but I haven’t really noticed a difference either.

Still it can be useful for people with data caps to their internet plan I guess.

I found it to load smoother when I fly around in the same area. I set my file to 40GB so there is a lot of scenery packed into it and the scenery soon looks better and better from even far away.

The downside is the huge storage it needs. And I have to delete the file each time there is an update, otherwise it lags and stutters extremely or when I install scenery in that area. I also delete it if I switch the area. But I don‘t know if that makes any difference.

Also always make sure that your windows doesn‘t set the file to read only, Windows sometimes thinks it‘s smarter than you. ^^

And exclude your sim directory from your anti virus software.

Hi, Thanks to all who responded. I’m really grateful for your help. I made a new cache file, set at 10gb, and directed rolling cache to it.
After short flight around Chamois , checked file and it contained ROLLINGCACHE.CCC 20,971,520 kb.
Not certain if that’s what should show or not.

Oops , I meant 20gb not 10, Thanks