Rolling Cache on or off? Series X

While Rolling Cache active in 12GB size, I randomly decided to fly on a photogrammetric city (Salt Lake City - US).

Everything was really ugly (like a Minecraft city). I decided to exclude rolling Cache and rebuild it. I tried again and the scenery looks fine.

Now I decided to deactivate rolling Cache and I’ll see how it will work.

What’s your opinion regarding rolling Cache on Xbox? Pros and Cons ?

rolling catche is better when it’s off. tried it with rolling catche on and got more lag compared to when its off i get less lag. xbox series x gamer.


In January, I had been experiencing significant stuttering in heavily populated areas — specifically, at that time, the Los Angeles basin and the neighboring Inland Empire.

When I disabled the cache, the stuttering went away. I’ve left it off since.

Of course, I don’t know if its behavior now would be different or improve the sim’s performance given that several SUs have occurred since that time. However, none of the release notes have indicated (if memory serves) any improvements/changes having been made to the cache.

To date, no one has a definitive answer (that I have seen on this forum) as to what the cache actually does, for certain.

This is on Xbox Series X.

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Rolling cache is useful if you fly in only the same area so that’s unnecessary download every tiles again, but if you fly randomly I suggest you to keep off, furthermore you save some storage on your SSD.

Series S here, never tried to switch on again

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Frequently deleting the rolling cache and setting it again - does that wear out or slow down the SSD?

Some of my games are taking longer to launch, and I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve had to delete and set the rolling cache at least a few times each month.

Series X.

Are you sure when you delete/reset rolling cache from MSFS all data is removed from your SSD? In the storage section there is a “left over add ons” tab for all games and apps, check that nothing is hanging around in there. If not then I’d suggest you clear your Xbox console cache to get rid of any left over data that may be slowing down your console, similar to resetting rolling cache on MSFS. Hope you get it sorted

Uh yeah, none of that. I was taking about the internal rolling cache in MSFS20. Not the Xbox’s cache.

Rolling cache has nothing to do with “leftovers and add-ons”, not sure where you’re getting that from

You mentioned some of your games are taking longer to load so I recommended clearing your Xbox cache. I know you was talking about MSFS rolling cache so I advised you look where I told you to, it has got something to do with it because if you monitor the size differences after you reserve space for rolling cache you will understand. Sorry for trying to help though lmao

Thanks - I know how reserved space works… This is why I always set it back to 64gb and not lower.

My Xbox’s cache is cleared after every game session, cos I fully shut it down, cut power from mains … and cold reboot it. Every single time.

Besides my question was specifically about wear on the SSD regarding the above which you seemed to have dodged rather nicely :sweat_smile: