Rolling Cache On or Off?

When was manual cache broken? I didn’t notice.

I also set up rolling cache when the sim came out and haven’t noticed any issues in all this time

That’s my experience as well. Rolling cache causes stutters and worse performance overall in PG areas and very slow loading of PG data. Landscapes look like melted wastelands. That’s the opposite of what it should do. No such issue when I have it turned off though. I have 1 Gbit fibre with no data cap anyway, so my connection is fast enough.

That leads me to believe it’s broken and doesn’t work as intended.

Now that it’s fixed again, manual cache works well. I have areas I fly regularly cached and that works as intended.


Yeah… I fly with Skypark which offers me flights all around the world, so I don’t tend to go to the same place all the time. The exception being San Juan and Vieques, but that’s only for “test” flights with aircraft, which I don’t do all the time. No reason for me to have cache enabled and I am not particularly limited by bandwidth.

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I dont know doesnt seem to work for me very well, even manual I did a hires manual cached of Cleveland Ohio, I start on the strip at Burke Lake Front, and 1/2 the stuff is melted, even with the cache set on, rolling cache is no better, except for the load lag farts…

Yes, but regardless it is a Good Idea™ to have the cache enabled: you don’t want to download the same data over and over again. Caches in computer science are a Good Thing™!



Perhaps they broke the manual cache as well with SU3. I just reinstalled Windows and MSFS, so haven’t created new manual caches yet. I had been totally grounded prior to that reinstall. I was planning on creating my caches tonight. I’ll check it out to see what it does for me.

because unlimited?
people seems to have more problems with the RC ON when new updates are released

That’s magical thinking. There is no causational evidence.

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My internet speed is 20mb/s. I had it ON first but (since the update) it gave me problems, like CTD. I have it now in the OFF position and all is fine now. Besides, who wants to fly at the same area all the time, if you have the whole world to explore…

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In theory, assuming cache is working as intended, it should most benefit users with low bandwidth such as yourself. Yet, it doesn’t seem to do what it’s supposed to.

And based on my own experience with it (at least rolling cache), I’m pretty convinced it doesn’t work as intended and instead aggavates the issues that it’s supposed to be solving.

Hi all,
On the subject of cache, I am curious to know if it is ok to set up cache on an external drive, connected via USB.
My only internal drive is a 1tb m2 ssd device. Right now I have 380gb free, but I suspect that as MSFS develops, space may become a constraint.
I have ample space on my external drives, and would set up my caches there, but curious to know if I should expect any problems or performance drop.

Thanks in advance.

Although this question has been asked of the developers and it is recommended to use the rolling cache, as that was the way the system was designed, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that the visuals suffer when in high demand areas if the rolling cache is on.

I have not been able to discern any difference between on and off in those terms. I have chosen to keep it off for no reason other than the fact that SSD/HDD have finite lifespans based on read/write cycles. It doesn’t cost me anything to stream the data straight to memory so why shorten the life of my storage media?

Rolling cache “ON” just means I am slowly flying straight into a hardware failure.


That was another consideration for me as well. I run MSFS off a pair of NVMe drives. A cache will definitely shorten the life span of an SSD.

There is no real reason to turn it ON unless you have a poor internet connection. Asobo has said as much. The caches were put there to allow you to play offline or in case of poor internet speeds

Of course you are free to do as you like with your system. However, anecdotal evidence is not causational evidence.

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I love when people feel they need to post for no other reason than to correct something they incorrectly read. I never intimated that the anecdotes were anything other than that.

Thanks for correcting my unmade errors.

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So the jury is out !

Thnx for your input but I guess I’ll try for myself.

I have so much drive space I may as well try the manual … permanent cache … as I fly the same areas from my Air Hauler bases.

I will check back with my findings.

Clearly with everyone on different systems, flying different regions etc., it doesn’t surprise me that there are differing opinions.

Thnx again.


Does manual cache store all the data needed?

I believe you choose which segments you want to download and keep.

A bit like Ortho in X Plane.

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While I have no special insight into this matter , it’s clear that SSD’s are multiple times faster than any internet connection. When my ssd wears out, it’s time to buy a new computer anyway.