Rolling Cache On or Off?

I hear the manual cache is broken, but what about rolling cache ?

If yes…how big should it be ?

Also, can the UK update be uninstalled, and if it is, will this cure the stuttering issues we are having ?


I believe “off” is the general consensus, unless your internet connection is struggling with the online data streaming.


OK. Thnx for that.

If you fly in the same area regularly, it might be beneficial to reduce some stutters. A good size is about 8 - 32 GB.

Having said that, if your internet is up to it, it all should work fine when having it disabled :slight_smile:


There is no reason to turn it off that I know of.


“On” is the consensus. Never turn it off. Leave it on defaults if you have no overwhelming, specific reason to change it.


“Off” will cause excessive use of internet streaming, with no benefit. Don’t use it unless you have a specific reason to.


I run 64gig rolling cache on advice from other users…no problems

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No, it’s the other way around. “Off” is the basic setting. only turn it to On if you repeatedly fly in the same area.
Otherwise you’ll just be storing data that will be overwritten, and not be used.
It can cause issues if you’ve cached bad data, and Asobo roll out changes to the world. You won’t see the new data, but still the old bad data.


If you say so. Mines been off since launch and not had any issues, prior to the last patch problems which aren’t cache related.


May I ask why you deliberately waste your bandwidth?

I do fly repeatedly in several of the same areas, as one normally does. “On” is the default setting, so I leave it as it is.

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Is it a finite resource? Oh noes my Internet supply has dried up.


Ok, have fun then!

As one ‘normally’ does? That is purely subjective, and not true at all for everyone.
I don’t tend to visit the same place twice, since I’ve got an entire planet to explore. So for me it’s a complete waste.


Cool, have fun! I hope your advice isn’t misunderstood to mean it applies to everyone, even if they would benefit from the rolling cache.

Gonna try that…thanks

Good to know…thanks

Manual Cache is fixed again, it sux (they really need a better interface for it) but it does work.

Rolling Cache, I have a 100mbs connection, Im the only one using this connection in the residence, and this is what I have found while watching cpu/gpu/ethernet monitors…

If I have the rolling cache set to on I’ll fly x amount of miles until the cache needs to be filled, I’ll notice that boom 40 mbps download for a few seconds, then the game will stutter for a couple of seconds and smooth back out.

If I have the cache set to off, my net traffic will run at about 10 mbps pretty steady, and I dont seem to get the stutters as much, still ocasionally but not as much.

So take that with a grain of salt, but those are my findings over the last couple of weeks since the stutter issue has started for so many ppl.


Gonna try it…thanks for your input. I have 200mbs internet