Rolling cache processing time?

I just assigned 10Gb for the rolling cache (before, the field was empty). The sim is now updating the cache files, and doing an intesive use of the CPU and GPU, by the way. This has been going on for 1 hours.
How long does it take?

It should not take that long for 10GB. You don’t list your PC specs, but I’d suggest killing MSFS, then trying to do this again.

Can you restart it somehow?

Shouldn’t take that much time

The normal time is about 1 minute. I made that several times with cache size between 10 GB to 200 GB.

Yep I missed the stats. It´s an i7-4790K, 32GB RAM, 2070 Super. The drive is a Samsung EVO SSD with 850 GB.

I put mine to 50 gbs and it took about 5 minutes

Well I had to stop it because it was running for more than 1 hour. There is a file now called ROLLINGCACHE.CCC with 8 Gb. The thing is that there was very small activity in the disk according to task manager (very low writing and reading speeds, few Kb/s)

I start to think that this maybe has something to do with the performance issues I find in the sim. Once I start, if I leave it quiet for some seconds, it gets 30-32 fps stable. After that, when I start moving, I start getting drops of fps, even more when I pan the view around. Could it be that the sim is not able to cache the scenary around me and needs to keep downloading it? Or that for some reason the speed to interact with the hard drive is very slow and hence the fsp drop? Ok, just a theory.