Rolling Cache won't update!

pc Microsoft Store version

Post SU6 deleted rolling cache, trying to update but it stays on the “please wait” updating rolling cache while it is on 100%" I need to Alt Enter Del to get out of FS
I entered 32GIB for Rolling Cache, it was always 32GIB.
Nothing in community folder, no mods.

change the path first?
delete the file from disk first?

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Could be 5 hours ago, you still werent connected to the network (crash) Id try again now and see what happens. If you dont have connectivity the cache cant update.

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thanks for the help it worked.

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Just had the same issue.

OK so I had to select a different folder and this time it worked OK. Apparently it didn’t like the default folder I’ve been using for more than a year now…

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Make sure to delete the old cache file since it could cause you issues down the road…