[Roman Design] CYYJ Victoria International Airport

CYYJ Victoria International Airport is live. Check out the Release topic for more details and a photo gallery.
Let me know if you have any questions or comments, or are having any issues with the scenery.
The release topics are closed to replies, so I’m opening this topic to keep an easy communication channel. Feel free to comment here or contact me through the Roman Design website at https://flightsimulation.romandesign.ca/


Yippee for the seaplane terminal!


Yes, and there is a start point there, so you can spawn just in front of the… wait… Ha, you did exactly that - and your plane looks almost exactly like the HA models I put there. A perfect match!

To anyone wondering what’s it about: the first plane is the actual aircraft the sim pilot is using in the game, the Twin Otter in Harbour Air livery, and the two Twin Otters behind it are static models that I placed at the dock, and painted my own HA livery for them. They look so similar that on first glance I didn’t realize the third plane is there.


It’s the Aersoft Twin Otter with the Harbour Air livery :rofl:

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BTW that start spot is connected through the road to the main taxiway system (wouldn’t compile any other way), it’s connected to an invisible “water runway” and there is an actually road/taxiway that you can follow all the way to the main airport. So if you land on an amphibious plane you can taxi to shore and roll all the way to the terminal or any of the hangars, and theoretically ATC should direct you to GA parking too. - though I haven’t tested that myself as it’s not a likely use case. MSFS could also spawn traffic plane that would land on the water runway and taxi to parking…


Just wanted to say: “Thank you” for doing this airport! I used to live in Toronto and flew out of Buttonville, and promptly bought your Buttonville airport when released. Now, I live on Vancouver Island, and am delighted to see a quality rendition of CYYJ! First flights… absolutely lovely!
Will post if I see anything out of place, but so far, nothing to report. :wink:


Hey @RomanDesign, if you need more exposure and media coverage for your CYYJ, you should contact vicnews.com: https://www.vicnews.com/. They are the website that cover news for Victoria. I’m sure if you showed them your video of CYYJ, and gave them some screenshots, especially of outside the terminal and inside the terminal, they may consider doing a story on your work.

It’s not everyday that CYYJ is done in such detail, and I wouldn’t be surprised if vicnews.com would be interested in doing a story on your work. It would be good for your exposure and maybe spread the word around to help your sales. The contact us page for vicnews.com where you can submit “story tips” is here (make sure you select “Submit Story Tip” from the dropdown box): https://www.vicnews.com/contact-us. Cheers.


Thanks for a great idea!

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Here are some trivia nuggets about details that are not immediately noticeable, just a few examples showing the level of detail I was aiming for:

  • The police cruisers have authentic livery of “Victoria Police” with correct decals etc.
  • The taxis are the most common model at the airport (Prius) and have authentic company livery including their phone etc.
  • There are BC Transit buses at the airport and close to the water terminal that has authentic livery including all the signage.
  • ATC tower has an interior with the actual CYYJ diagrams showing on the monitors
  • There are detailed RVs at the RV rental business’ parking lot, and there are a few BC Transit buses there - not sure why, but that’s what real photos show, so there they are.
  • There are deicing vehicles with CYYJ livery at the airport and inside a MegaDome hangar
  • Animated Canadian flags actually respond to the wind direction, like a windsock, they are always facing the wind correctly
  • There are models for seats and structures for a baseball park on approach and it’s night-lighted - just because it would look nice when landing…
  • Water Aerodrome has a start position at the dock (as pictured in this topic earlier) and Aerosoft Twin Otter in Harbour Air livery looks almost identical in front of my two static HA Twin Otters, so it would feel right at home.
  • I placed 2 buoys hopefully at the correct locations on the water - by analyzing several landing videos.
  • The dock start is also connected to an invisible “water runway” and via a taxiway road to the main airport network. So MSFS could spawn planes landing and taxiing. You can also ask ATC after landing to provide taxi instructions to the park and it should get you there, including the blue ribbon if desired, though I haven’t tested that.
  • I created many of the roof textures by flying my drone at some local commercial buildings after doing some research on Google Maps and finding promising roods. I found most available textures inadequate or too bland, so made a couple of local trips and did some photos, and made seamless textures in Photoshop, then created normal, roughness and ambient occlusion maps and combined them for PBR materials.


Ok, here is a request… Taking off on R32, immediately takes me to an area where Microsoft has screwed up the elevations. There is a freeware Southern Vancouver Island LIDAR mesh addon that fixes the area farther away from the airport, but it leaves the first two “volcanoes” in place. Clearly, neither the mesh nor your airport controls the elevation in this area. Would it be possible for you to extend the elevation flattening a bit to the North to cover this?

Here is the elevation without the LIDAR mesh enabled… you see the “bumps” continue to the North.

Yes, I noticed the issue. I will try to flatten those elevated lakes in the vicinity of the airport. This will come as an update very soon, together with a few other minor fixes. I am a bit reluctant to fix MSFS bugs, but as they have been there for a long time and aren’t fixed yet, I’ll at least flatten what I can find close to the airport. MSFS updates are notorious for screwing the elevation data, so this can backfire later if the elevation changes, then my flat polygons may appear lower or higher, though not likely by such an amount as it is now…

I have updated the file, it’s v1.1.1 now, and it has more consistent gate/parking names and fixed numerous MSFS elevation bugs (elevated lakes) around the airport area. If you go to your orders, you can download the new file.


OH hey, looks like the Epicure farm down there.

This is a day one buy for me, oh I mean I already bought it. :slight_smile:

Wow, now that is a blisteringly fast response! I have not even unzipped V1.1 after downloading yet and you have already fixed MSFS’s problems: now that’s service! Will have to unzip and fly right now.

Thanks Dan


Thank you! Problem solved. :grinning:

This looks great! I take it there will be an Xbox release, eventually?

Yes, when it gets through the Microsoft queue and QA, barring any issues - it takes up to six weeks. It will get to MSFS Marketplace for both PC and Xbox.


Hope the update you did will be going through to xbox before release or we will have to wait another couple weeks for that update.

First “bug”… taxiing into the Flying Club hangar puts me onto the roof…