Rotary encoders PPR

I have used some cheap rotary encoders from China, they work but sometimes not very accurate, the number jumps to higher values once in a while or skips values when you turn the knob fast. I am looking at better encoders now, is it worth buying an encoder with a higher PPR value? (15, 18 or 24)



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The higher the PPR, the more likely MSFS is to skip pulses

So less is better for MSFS functions? I mean, the quality of the encoder could also be the cause for skipping the pulses, right?

Well, I am assuming so, I am just about to get some encoders for a couple of USB boards I recently got, and have not yet decided on what encoders to buy,

I think I may be limited, as I would like some of them to be dual concentric with a push (ie like used on many avionics instruments)

A selection from China etc on Ebay , so thanks for the warning that some may not be so reliable. They do seem very inexpensive, so I guess, you get what you pay for,

I’m ordering some new prototypes, I’ll let you know which ones work best for me…

Thanks , much appreciated … are they Dual with push ?

Propwash has some duals with push for a reasonable price. I ordered some but haven’t gotten them yet so can’t say how they will perform.

Singles with push but I also have some duals with pushbutton (also from China) that I haven’t tried…

BTW, does anyone know where to get a trimwheel like this example? Schermafbeelding 2020-12-02 om 17.41.58

Here is a very good board for rotaries and buttons…

Here is the report on the dual encoders from Propwash. First get ready for some fine soldering, these things are small. Quality seems good but be aware they are made for very thin panels, as in less than 1/8". Tested them with MobiFlight and they work just fine and look cool as well.

Thanks … I got a couple of these

Now I am looking for some Dual + Push rotary encoders.
That + a Stream Desk = 6 months of project !!

I’ve just ordered those push pool encoders

Do you know what brand and serie they are? Too expensive postage from Propwash to Sweden.

This is a very intresting thread. My experience with China import is not very good either so I dont use them. Here is a few good encoders I have experience of:

  • CTS 288V232R161B2 (Digi-Key, Mouser, Leobodnar)
    Single encoder with button . This is a flawless device, 16 detents, panel mount. Really nice and distinct clicks. This is my personal favorite.

  • CTS 288T232R161A2 (Digi-Key)
    Same as above but without button.

  • Bourns PEC11R-4215F-S0024 (Electrokit)
    Single encoder with button. 24 detents, panel mount. This is a good one too. Not as “clicky” as the CTS ones, but just as distinct. It’s smaller in size than the CTS.

  • Elma E37 (Leobodnar)
    Dual rotary encoder with button. 16/16 detents, panel mount. Really good dual encoder, clicky and distinct like the CTS above.

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Propwash says they have them custom made. Took a quick look and I can’t see any makings on the part but the pc board is labeled Propwash. Best luck in your search.

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They make (or have made) The board … then add $$$$$'s to the assembled part.
It’s called "Having a Business that caters to a niche market "

Well, that’s the thing. If I knew what brand and serie I could possibly order the encoder, propably cheaper, from a bigger reseller. The breakout board is not an issue, I make my own.

Im using cheap rotary but should be ok there is a bug in msfs 2020 related to toggle switch might be the cause

I ve created the workaround solution for my diy panel

I make my own from scratch. Really wanted to integrate lighting on all buttons and dials like the real gns530

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