RSP Group Apocalypse Now Redux| Fill the Sky with Huey’s! | Start RP12

Headed back to the Philippines for the re-play of last year’s flight to celebrate the anniversary of “Apocalypse Now” (August 15, 1979) to search for filming locations. May not be much in the sim, let’s see what we find. Can we re-create the famous seen from the movie?

“Remember, there were no digital effects: if you see 14 fourteen helicopters, that’s how many there were. It wasn’t like Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor."

When: Wednesday July 3, 2024

Server: S.E. Asia

Plan: RP12-RPSP-RPUR (including some autogen helipads)

Coms: RedheronSimPilots Discord

Skids up time: 20:30 UTC (13:30 PDT)

Aircraft: Helicopters and small planes. Fly it if you got it: and Cowan Sim 500E (Little Bird 25359) Livery for Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS

Scenery: Asobo


RSP_Group_Tuesda_Apocalypse.PLN (3.8 KB)