Rsp group flight bahamas|starting myhe

It’s cold here, let’s go island hopping. Download has many assets so get as many as you can. Will work without them and you can watch a stream to see what’s missing. Flight plan and scenery recommendations by redheron. Thanks!

I will be in Cowansim 206 b3 to start.

Date: Tuesday December 27, 2022

Server: S.E Asia


Time: 21:30 UTC (13:30 PST)

Coms: RotorsimPilot Discord: RotorSimPilot

Aircraft: Helicopters and anything low and slow.


*Make sure to download assets.

~Get busy downloading or downloading or get busy dyin’


VFR North Eleuthera (MYEH) to Deadmans Cay (MYLD).pln (3.4 KB)