RSP Group Flight Mount Rushmore|407 update | Start 6v4

[date=2024-05-14 time=14:00:00 timezone=“America/Los_Angeles”]A bit of sightseeing in the west today with the new Bell 407 mod and helipads from SimFocus.
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Tuesday May 14, 2024

Server: S.E. Asia

Plan: 6V4-3SD3-POI’s-Helipads-W43

Time: 21:00 UTC (14:00 PDT)

Coms: RedheronSimPilots Discord RedheronSimPilots

Aircraft: Helicopters and anything low and slow. 407 Mod: Simfocus Bell 407 Improvement Mod -

Scenery: MSFS Autogen Helipads V2 -

VFR Wall Mun (6V4) to Hulett Muni (W43).pln (5.5 KB)