RTW flight plan (in progress)

Several years ago, with FSX, I followed Slarty & Dean’s RTW route (making a few changes and deviations along the way.) I was looking to follow it again, but unfortunately, it looks like the site has since been mothballed.

With the major scenery improvements in MSFS, I’ve decided to embark on another 'round the world journey and am tracking progress on Google Maps. I’m including descriptions in each of the legs and airport stops. This is a work in progress, and I’ve been adding more detail as I go along.

[https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1GhLcdm6gnfWtWu5v7r5MZGBrLwwHW0n2&usp=sharing](https://RTW map)

Most legs are about 1-2 hours. I’m going to places that are of interest to me. As of this post, I’ve completed about 60 legs, and it could be close to 400 by the time I’m done. It might not take as long as I thought. Considering what’s going on with the pandemic, I’ve been devoting a lot of my free time to the sim.

The trip began in the DA62 but I quickly realized I would prefer something a little faster, so I upgraded to the TMB 930 after about 10 legs.

I’m still going through a learning curve with the sim, so I’m using the trek to help improve skills and see some sights at the same time. Most flights are VFR although I’m using instruments and relying on approach charts much of the time but would like to try a few more challenging landings as the journey goes on.

I’ll be updating progress regularly. Feel free to offer any feedback or suggestions. Cheers.

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Sounds great. I’m doing similar and this is the first sim that makes a RTW trip seems satisfying because of the realistic bing maps ground textures for VFR - it makes the journey much more fascinating.

I discovered an old route on the xplane forums, called The Big Tour, which I am using as a reference, but my route will take a different order… a bit more like yours. I’ve only, called a handful of legs so far and will follow yours if you post your progress. The Big Tour comes with a flight list and also a Google Earth kml file, so you can see the route map on the globe. Might be worth a look.

Good luck with your tour. I’m going to ceate a thread later too, for posting my picture blog.


Thanks for the feedback. I did see the Big Tour plan some time ago, but had forgotten about it. I’ll probably use it for reference and planning going forward.

You can follow my progress on the Google map link. As of Nov 22, I’m starting to work my way up the USA eastern seaboard. I’m already thinking ahead about how to cross the Atlantic. Probably NFLD-Greenland-Iceland-Faroes-Ireland, or something close to that.


Update - Jan 11

115 legs into the journey. I’ve made it to Switzerland and Austria. It’s pretty easy to do two or more legs a day in Europe with destinations so close together. The Alps are a must-see for general aviation. And, it was pretty amusing to see someone stick a 747 into a snowbank after landing at Courchevel. :slight_smile:


You’re making great progress! Mine is a lot slower. I recommend taking a tour of the lakes in Northern Italy (I visited Lake Como last year IRL and it was a very beautiful place). In the Alps, I’m looking forward to visiting Jungfrau by flying up the valley from Interlaken and over Lauterbrunnen. That’s a beautiful place too.

Here’s my own progress map.

Eddie, I like the detail you’ve included with your route map

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