RTX 2070, Reverb G2 trick, has anyone tried this? 20fps reprojected to 60Hz


My Specs:
2070 slight OC
16gb (I think this is holding me back)
Reverb G2
Nvidia 457.30

Ive been tinkering quite a bit with various settings on my G2 to get the best possible experience I can out of my 2070 till I can upgrade. I had been using 30fps no repro (90hz mode) till now using TAA 60 and oxr 100 or any other combo that would give me ~ 22xx x 21xx resolution similar to the popular 2070 performance guide in the forum. I then tried the following and have been using it since a week, I am really happy thus far with the visuals and smoothness:

Switched to 60HZ mode, set reprojection to always on and increased my settings to get 20 fps with some headroom for the reprojection. If you can stomach 30 fps without repro, this should not be a problem.

20Hz repro to 60Hz >>>> 30Hz repro to 90Hz (much more bearable, prop and wing artifacts in most planes are much better, In cockpit artifacts are virtaully non existent furthermore mantaining 20fps is much easier than 30) BUTTT just like in 30fps no repro mode avoid fast head movements.

Now I am running OXR 70, FXAA 100 (with repro FXAA looks much better than wihtout repro and is much less taxing than TAA) to give an ingame render res of 26xx x 25xx (huge jump in res and visuals),I also set clouds from low to medium. Gpu usage of around 90pc when I am in the air, at some heavy airports the fps drops to below 20 but is all good as soon Im in the air, even running close to the ground,
Rest setting are mostly medium with Terrain and Object LODs at 100 and most of the lower options turned off.

Sometimes it might not work properly and require a restart of msfs, Ive had problems where my resource usage(cpu, gpu and ram) was low but I was still getting really inconsistent frame times, still working on that, maybe HAGS can help.

Ive been quite happy with these settings when they work.



Interesting thank you @ShayanNajam !

I do have a slightly more powerful 2080Ti and in my settings I have OXR 65% and TAA 70% (reprojection always on - runtime preview enabled) but I like your idea of using FXAA at a higher resolution which I’ve not tried - side by side TAA looks quite a bit better than FXAA but bumping the resolution up may compensate for that, will try tonight and let you know.

Youre welcome @sneaky74 , well I also tried this resolution with TAA, looks a bit blur to me but still works a charm, from the Air FXAA looks better, but for me the major takeaway here is how easier and smoother 20-> 60Hz is compared to 30->90. I guess the longer period between frames allows for more accurate predictions thus better artifacts.

I believe it is a valid alternative only if you can bear the flickering though, both 60Hz and FXAA flickering.

Some are sensible to the former more than others and this usually depends on the brightness/contrast in the visuals (mostly bright skies or contrasted EFIS brightness against much darker panel), The later is making a lot of 3D geometry triangle edges flickering in the view especially for small features (distance small buildings or thin elongated objects).

Unfortunately to me, I find the best time to use this combo is for night flying, giving some “twinkle” to the lights, but at the same time the 60Hz EFIS flickering in a dark cockpit is hurting too much.

I am curious, currently I still have the RTX 2070 Super and have now ordered the RTX 3090 (I hope I was fast enough).
Then I will compare how big the difference is.

@CptLucky8 true the flickering in both FXAA and 60Hz are unbearable when the reprojection is turned off, when i fly 30 fps no repro I use TAA. 60Hz seems to flicker when I am in the WMR portal but not at all ingame. I have to try the EFIS at night to see how bad it is, but this hurtful flickering at 60Hz was with reprojection turned on or off?

Hey @ShayanNajam so I tried FXAA turning up both OXR and MSFS render scaling and I couldn’t get it to my liking. Also tried 60Hz - sorry this isn’t for me the 60Hz I can see the flickering in Portal and MSFS - it does get better if you persevre but I think I’m just one of these sensitive people to refresh flicker.

FXAA even with the higher render scaling of 200% still doesn’t remove the shimering from the water/coastline, trees, clouds etc it’s just not as good as TAA. I think if you have a lower resolution headset when you might have shimmering anyway then I would say go for it, but the G2 is pretty clear and stable using TAA and anything less and you get these artifacts.


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