RTX 3070 Benchmarks - 2080 Ti performnce in MSFS @ 1440p

This is going to be an incredible card for 1440p in FS2020! Huge step up from 2070.

Good luck to those of you going for this card!


Santa’s gonna need a BIG budget for my x-mas list…

HP Reverb G2


The new AMD big navi 6800XT is going to kick S with the RTX 3080… thats the one i”m waiting for.
Combined with the coming Ryzen 5 5600X is going to be a killing combination ( and way cheaper)


As with all things AMD, I’ll believe it when I see independent benchmarks.

Well, first benchmarks show big kick in the behinds of both Intel and Nvidia.
MSFS will be released for the new XBOX too, so MSFS will be optimized for AMD hardware imho.
And… for the price of just one RTX 3090 you can build a new gaming PC equipped with the new Ryzen 5600 and a RX 6800 card… :wink:

Ehhh honestly the 3070 will still be selling just as well because of the price gap and the smart memory thing being on in the slides.

3080 vs 6800 XT will be interesting, they match up well, I’m still happy with my 3080 decision though, cuz of DLSS and stronger RT (from the leaks).

Overall, clearly there is competition, which is good! AMD’s offering looks quite good and competitive!

I hope you can get one before the bots.

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RTX 3000 cards are even sold for double prices on Ebay…

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