RTX 3080 benchmarks are out

If you missed, GamersNexus has included MSFS 2020 in their GPU benchmark process.
Here is the full video:

Results for MSFS:



Those Bench Marks look lethargic.

I guess i felt i knew the performance boost wasnt going to be significant for us simmers. Since our sims still use old technology.

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See my post I made in another thread:

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Yes. But it is still a disappointment after all the hype since RTX 30 was announced.
But again, difference from 1080 to 3080 is 20FPS in 4K, not too bad.



I’m only interested in one benchmark: RTX 3070 with a Ryzen 5 3600 in 1080p Ultra over Manhattan.


I wonder what this would be like if they left the render scaling at 100 (or even 80, if at 4K)


And I’ll be looking to go from a 1080 to a 3090, so I should get a nice big jump, comfortably going to a 1440p monitor at the very least.

Ah, if you play at 1080p everything above a 2080 Super / 3070 is overkill because of the CPU bottleneck. But this of course is prior to the new patch that will come in the next few days where they promise performance improvements…

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I’m glad these benchmarks are out BEFORE the patch #2 release. Curious to see how much of an impact the performance improvement will bring.


Hmm I have an i9 10900k and a RTX 2080 Super OC I game at High/Ultra I’m a 1440p resolution and I get about 45-54 FPS in Manhattan On a very cloudy day frames dip to about 35

But I’ve noticed that I am limited by my main thread seems like the card has more bandwidth ceiling so DX 12 may see good performance for sub 4K gaming on previous generation cards.

Unlike my 1660S where I was GPU limited across the board.

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My hope is that Asobo will find ways to balance the performance in the game between GPU and CPU, therefore taking advantage of whatever GPU you have.

I am going from GTX1060 6GB to RTX 3070.

More is really an overkill in 1080p.
Electricity consumption in particular is very deterrent.

I’m still going to get a 3090. Trying to push out 4K on a GTX1080 is a bit of a challenge… but I also can’t justify putting a 10GB VRAM card into a new build (with an i9-10900K) - Especially given how important VRAM becomes when you move into DX12 territory (those who’ve used P3D V5 will know what I’m talking about)


My plan is also to upgrade my RX 580 to a RTX 3070 or… if rumors are correct, the 3060 Ti that apparently will launch in October.

For Flight Simulator I don’t care for anything more than 1080p, because I use my old television as a big mofo screen on my desk to play it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah I’m glad I didn’t panic sell my GPU and I feel a bit better having just bought it in August. I can definitely hold out for a 3080s or 3090TI next year

By Then the fs would have been a few patches in and possibly DX 12


I’m always amazed how many people seem to expect a magic resolution of all things just by a GPU. So many threads in this forum clearly showing it’s mostly CPU bound.

The 3000 series is still an amazing price and performance bundle compared to last gens so anyone considering updating beforehand now has an even better reason imo. I’m only considering a 3090 once gpu water blocks are released and some benchmarks are out. until then the 2080TI is as expected more than adequate to run the sim :smiley:

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Hope the devs get on top of this regarding optimisation.


So, 3080 for free as a gift for all testers. :slight_smile: