RTX 4090 ad DLSS 3 am I missing something?

I was crazy enough to invest in a RTX 4090 but something wrong with the DLSS/frame generation.
I enabled HAGS + DLSS super sampling + Frame Generation ON (running in 2K). Well my sim stutters like crazy and I do have a lot of screen tearing. If I run my setting TAA I’m getting I wonderful 60 fps steady experience stutter free. I am perfectly fine with TAA but I was wondering what is wrong with DLSS which should be a game changer.
Note that I’m running a I9 10900K so don’t know if this might be an issue to cope with DLSS 3

Anyone any advice?

For sure it is, with DLSS you are only increasing the disparity between gpu and cpu … this is not helped that you are only running in 2k … either bump renderscale or create and test a custom 4k resolution in NVCP and edit the new size to UserCfg.opt. you can but you don’t need to use this for your normal desktop resolution.

Your settings should be TAA and Frame Generation On. Make sure that you enable Vsync, or use the frame rate limiter in the nvidia control panel to frame rate limit at the frame rate you want the resulting frame rate to be after frame generation.

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I’ll give it a try. Thanks

I also had screen tearing at the beginning, switched on vsync in the nvidia control ap and left it out in the sim, runs very well without tearing

my system
I9 13900K
4K 43" Monitor

mit PMDG / Fenix 70- 100 FPS with LOD 250