RTX 4090 & Ryzen 9 7950x Low FPS

As title states, I have an RTX 4090, Ryzen 9 7950X and 32GB of DDR5 ram. I’m looking at my performance in game; I’m at KSFO only getting 27FPS. I opened up Task Manager Performance and my GPU is only pushing 15% utilization, CPU is pushing 18% utilization & my memory is using 60%. Am I doing something wrong to not get good FPS?

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Did you have any success with this? Same cpu and GPU, and again around the 30 to 50 mark, not all settings on high either.

DX12, TAA and frame generation on

HARD CPU limited.
Main setting that hammers your CPU is Terrain LOD. Is just insane to have it at 400 for the r7950x.
Reduce it to 200 or lower and you will see how you get even 80ish fps or more depending of your system.
Also consider set your traffic (airport life, etc) to its minimums (e.g. 25-30). This also makes your CPU struggle.

Source: my ryzen 7950x