RTX 4090 VR - perf test - please here

as in topic - to rtx 4090 users, please give us some numbers and comments…

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Just got myself one, it’s in the trunk. If everything works will post VR results tonight.


My result vs 3090: Will get 4090 at launch. Anything you want me to test? - #44 by agro1986

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look forward to your feedback on this… good luck !

Im running a 2080 and thinking of upgrading… torn between an affordable 3090 or sell the first born and get a 4090… hope to read your post soon… good luck !

i got a 50% fps boost going from 3080TI to 4090.

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You can read my epic saga here. TL/DR: had weird and unexplaiable performance problems initially, couldn’t make any sense of it. Somehow things have sorted out eventually. Hopefully, if performance holds, the performance gain is incredible. But because of all the issues, I don’t have a proper measurable benchmark to compare to my 3080. The problems may have started before I upgraded the card.

Hooray, I am CPU bound again.

Got my Palit 4090 GameRock OC today (ordered yesterday). Thanks to the folks at ingame.de who runs the ticker, the reseller for fair pricing and dhl for quick delivery.

The card looks really good in real, I never had own Palit before buit this cards looks great. No scratches, cuffs or anything that I have seen from much more prominent brands before.

Installation was straight and easy, I even have 3mm space left in my case :sunglasses:.

Only “meh” is the 12+4 pin adapter wich looks ugly, press to my window case and mess up the whole view in my case. Hope there are solutions soon, at least extensions with angled plugs.

The card give me an Port Royal Score of 24734 out of the box boosting to 2820 Mhz, just amazing. My 3090 give me 13500 so this is an over 80% improvement.

All in all, zero problems with install and setup!

But what about msfs 2020? I just have the time for a little testing doing the new york and naples discovery flights. I got rock solid 45 fps (capped) in air at about 70% GPU utilisation @300Watts and 60deg GPU temp. Thats awesome. Cruising a little at KJFK shows up some drops to 37 fps but what a difference to the 11 fps drops I see with the 3090.

Aehm, and as always: 11900k, 32GB, TAA100, OXR100, medium to ultra mix with needle on the ultra side, TLod 250, Reverb G2 …

So what. This card is huge, she is expansive but she is so strong and efficient that I dont regret for a second to update.

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My two cents: RTX 4090 - Comparing DLSS, TAA, all options maxed out

i got the 4090 too, why are we getting framecapped at 45 fps? how to remove that fps limit?
also, options menu doesn’t specify which DLSS version we’re using. How to know? Cheers.

There’s no limit to FPS (unless you set it in the GeForce options), so you should be able to go above that.

DLSS is only 2.0 - 3.0 is in the SU11 Beta only, and I’m still not sure if it’s for VR also, or only flat (but I believe the latter).


I set this limit in nvcp for myself because I dont like oscillating framerates, just my thing, no general limit or such.

I upgraded from a 3080 to a 4090 this weekend. Flying over NYC, I went from 30FPSish with everything on High at 90% render scale to 45-50 with everything on Ultra 100% render scale, in VR with my G2. I’m CPU bound now for the most part with my 5800X so I think I’ll go grab a 5800X3D to see if that unlocks more frames.

Very happy with the upgrade :slight_smile:

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Man, I ordered my Asus Tuf OC 4090 5 minutes after the release time here in Oz and it still hasn’t arrived. At least it’s in my state now and should show up tomorrow, depending on the speed of the three legged camel they tie it too. Living in the island state of Tasmania has many benefits here in Oz, but fast parcel delivery ain’t always one of them. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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