<-RUD warning in G1000

Anyone know what this warning indicates? Rudder seams free and clear. I’ve gotten in a few times on the DA40 in both warm and cold temps.

I’m curious about this one too. I don’t fly the 40, but I’ve gotten the same warning in the new DA42 release.

Got an answer on the message. TLDR is rudder trim, but in both cases I was on the ground with neutral trim. So still not sure what the issue was.

I also have this problem in the da42, I try to offset the rudder trim but to no avail? No idea what’s going on with it

I had those messages in the COWS DA42 while taxiing after touchdown (but not on taxi out). First time I’ve ever seen them.

The DA40 and 42 have the GFC700 autopilot which is 3-axis, so my working theory is that the autopilot had adjusted the rudder trim for crosswind and when I turned it off, the trim remained off-centre which might then cause this message. But I am shooting in the dark a little based on these being rudder mistrim messages.

I will try binding a control to reset the rudder trim and attempt that same approach again and see what happens when I taxi to parking.

I was flying the DA42 in heavy winds the other day and when this warning could come on I tried adjusting my rudder trim in the direction of the arrow. That made the message go away until the wind started gusting from another direction or I changed heading. Effectively the same thing.

Reply from a COWS dev on Discord - this can happen on the ground if you have the yaw damper still on.

Since I don’t have a hardware YD button on my G1000 units I have been failing to turn it off. I will sort out a way of turning it off and see if that fixes this for me.

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