Rudder / Nose Wheel seperation?

i have Rudder Pedals and also a Tiller connected to my PC.
But i cant get the Rudder and the Tiller ( nose Wheel steering ) sepearated from each other?

I have set the Rudder Pedals to the Rudder Axis and the Tiller Axis to the Nose Wheel Steering Axis.
Autorudder is for sure off because i use the Modern Flightmodel.

But always, when i use the Rudder Pedals on Ground, also the Nose Wheel (Steering) is full deflecting, when i use full Rudder.
Normally, the Nose Wheel should only deflect 7 degrees right/left using the Rudder on Ground.
What can be wrong here ?

Is there maybe any setting in the Flightmodel cfg files i have to change or something ?

It is not Flightmodel related, it happens for all Airlines ( did not use the Cessna for sure there is no Tiller :slight_smile: )

Maybe anyone can help?

in the PMDG for example there’s an option you can change if you have a separate tiller and pedals axis. Can’t remember where but it’s there. Not sure about the Fenix but i’m sure you can. For the default planes you’re kind of SOL. This is 100% flight model related since PMDG has it so you can use a tiller and rudders separately but not on the default planes.

I thought i saw something they added in a recent SU a tiller axis you can bind in the controls but i could be wrong.

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the Axis they add is the Nose Wheel Steering Axis:

Ok, i tried only the default Models.
But if PMDG and others have a Option to enable this functionality, then there must be anything they “switch” or a special entrie in any of the config files for the Flightmodel.


you would need to open the plane in the SDK and edit the values as necessary if you want nose wheel and rudder to be truly separate if you want default planes to work more realistically. I think the FBW a320 has separate tiller and rudder axis.

So really just don’t use the rudder on the ground and you’ll be good

The thing about the nosewheel steering is it’s a new function that MSFS added recently. This means every single aircraft that was ever released was using the same rudder axis to control the nose wheel, so if they want to utilise this separate function, they have to re-code their aircraft flight models and control assignments to use this new nose wheel steering axis function.

To be honest, I’m not a fan of having a separate switch on the aircraft level whether they want separate nose wheel steering or combined with the rudder axis. Ideally, every aircraft should just be recoded to use separate axes for them by default. For people like me who doesn’t have a separate tiller, all I need to do is just to bind both the nose wheel steering and rudder axis to the same hardware and to the same control, and the aircraft should still work the same way, while keeping the aircraft coding compact and standardise with a single function instead of having to maintain separate coding for both combined and separate nose wheel steering.


Ahh, ok.
I HAVE to use the Model from Prosim737 ( ) for my Homecockpit.
So it seams the Developers are a way behind the new Functions in MSFS and have
to recode his Flightmodel, because whatever i try, the Rudder Pedals are always also
controlling the Nose Wheel in the same Amount of deflection.

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And it also depends on the aircraft though. If you’re only flying the PMDG 737 exclusively, I’m pretty sure there’s an option to split the axis separately already.

But if you’re also flying on the other aircraft, then they may not have the same logic. So, it depends and you have to adjust your settings accordingly depending on what you’re flying.

normally i fly only the MOdel from Prosim, becaue no other is working in a full homecockpit.

You say it is maybe Flightmodel related to have the axis seperated.
Did you maybe know if this is any setting in any of the Aircraft cfg files ?


For those using the rudder pedals to control the nose wheel steering, FSUIPC can configure the nose wheel steering so that it reduces with aircraft speed until a set speed, which defaults to 80 kts but can be adjusted. It also blends the rudder effect to increase as speed increases, which is also adjustable. It certainly helped me to make my BAE146 more controllable on take off.

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Ahh, but thats a bit wrong.
If using the Rudder Pedals, you have ALWAYS only 7 degrees right/left for the nose wheel. This has nothing to do with the Speed.
The Tiller itself is Speed related. If am right, the Tiller works until 60kt.

But for the Rudder its correct, it becomes more active the more Speed you have.

Problem at all ( for me ) is that i have to use Prosim, which not allows me to set up anything in FSUIPC. All Axis i triy to set up in FSUIPC or even in MSFS is overwritten by Prosim.
Very annoying, but i must ude it, because there is not other Solution for Homecockpit users. :frowning:

So does that mean it’s a Prosim issue? Maybe you could post something on their support forum?

Yes, its a Prosim and Prosim Flightmodel Issue.
Posting in the Forum there makes no sense. The Developers are not very friendly.

Thats also the reason why i am very hard looking for an Alternative.


Asobo, can you pls give us a Option to REAEL seperate the Rudder from moving also the Nose Wheel ?

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It seems this is still work in progress. At least I found no way to seperate wheel / rudder

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It’s airplane specific. It has to support it. The two I care about - Pmdg 737 and Fenix A320 (although the animation says otherwise) do.

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Has this been resolved yet? The B787 has same issue…the nose wheel steering still moves around even after 60kts. Needs to have the ability to separate from the rudder.

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