Rudder Question. Please help?

So I just got some rudder pedals to add to the realism after using the sim without them.

Testing them out in the Cessna 172 I noticed that turns seem to be for ordinated without having to use any rudder. According to the slip indicator the ball always seem to be in the centre anyway, which brings me to the question, do we really need rudder pedals in FS2020. I can’t seem to find any option that shows it is assisted, apart from during takeoff. But in flight it seems to coordinate itself. The strange thing is that when I do apply a small amount of rudder into a turn, as you should, the slip indicator is off centre. So my turn is more coordinated without actually using any rudder which defeats the object of getting them to make the sim more realistic.

Am I missing something as I really cannot figure it out?

The first thing you’re going to do with your shiny new rudder pedals is overuse them!

Use of rudder to coordinate the turn will depend on the bank angle and what the wind is doing.For gentle banking turns little to no rudder will be required. For steep turns in to strong tail winds will require a hefty kick of them.
Always and only use the rudder to initiate the turn. Once established at your chosen/ required bank angle gently release the rudder as the turn has now been coordinated.

Here’s old Rod to explain. . .

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Or maybe you have set “Autorudder” in the settings.

I completely agree and have watched the videos on YouTube about how it should work. But the sim doesn’t seem to simulate how it should. Whenever I use rudder it is always off centre. The turns are always coordinated without actually using the rudder.

It’s like the sim is helping it out. Even the tutorial in the sim about turning doesn’t even mention using rudder which is strange as surely this is a basic skill when it comes to turning.

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Where is that option located in the sim?

Oh sorry - at most I could explain this to you in German - but that’s not welcome here. sorry again

Settings - Assistance. .

This is the ‘take off auto rudder’ I know where this is but it only affects when you are on the runway taking off. It makes not difference when in the air when this is on or off.

Yes - I think there it is. I made everything realistic.

i will look there - stand by…

I’ve tired turning it off and in flight makes no difference. I’m quite disappointed that the turn are more coordinated without using rudder which is completely unrealistic. Whenever I apply even the smallest amount of ridder in a turn the slip indicator is always off centre so it basically renders the rudder pedals I just bought useless. I went for the Thrustmaster TPR which are top quality but expensive to just use for taxiing. If this is how the sim is then I’m better of returning the pedals and saving myself some money.

You are right - there is only a autorudder at the start. Unfortunately I can’t help anymore.

There’s an active topic about adverse yaw not being modelled correctly. I think that’s why rudder input isn’t necessary.

Edit: This one… Adverse Yaw - Basics still missing

So it seems that purchasing rudder pedals exclusively for FS2020 is a waste of money and not worth it. Wish I had known this before, I guess I’ll be returning them. For taxing I can use the twist feature on my TCA sidestick.

Surely something as basic as adverse yaw should be simulated in flight simulator? I wonder how many people who have rudder pedals actually know this. A lot are probably turning using rudder and not realising that it’s uncoordinated. Microsoft should make this clear so people don’t spend money on pedals if they want realism.

I’m using the Logitech rudder pedals since about 6 months and like wazitdoinnow wrote I overused it at the the first flights.
On the C172 and other GAs I only need a little pressure to hold the ball 100% centered. With other planes like the 330 and the corsair it’s another story, when you turn with 45°- 90° you’ll need more pressure for coordinated curves.
I wouldn’t say its wasted money, because there are some other use of the rudder than coordinated curves. Some examples: Sideslip for crosswind landings and/ or better view of the runway with long nosed planes, hammerheads and snaprolls with the acrobatics. Also the analog differential brakes are a big plus (couldn’t manage this with the joysticktwist without no brake or full brake resulting in a noseover or stopping unevenly)

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The Flight Simulator 2004 A Century of Flight Cessna 172 Amphibian had a water rudder that could be released and upped with the button key “H”.
Is this still possible to do so on the new Amphibian Cessna while taxiing around in the water, to lower the rudders somehow? I cannot find any water rudder button inside the cockpit for this task.

To answer the thread question:
In civil airplanes there is always a little side-slip when flying turns and giving a little rudder is always necessary in real-life.

There are animated water rudders in the game, forget the keyboard button as I have it mapped to a button on my Warthog throttle but just search for water rudder in the keybinding menu and you should find it. Note that they don’t actually have any effect in game, your turn radius will be the same with the water rudders up or down.

tought standart is ctrl+w

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