Rudder sticks to one side

How do I get my rudders to snap back to center after pressing them❓

Do you have rudder trim set ? I’m using saitek rudder pedals and sometimes without trim I have rudder halfway to the right when sitting on ground. After flight control check is going back to normal but I need always do full left then right otherwise for some reason is still staying halfway to the right.

What are you using for your rudders? triggers? pedals? keyboard? buttons?

If you are using the triggers LT, RT (on controller or yoke) you should set one of them to “rudder axis”. No need to set both as they are the same axis (left and right).

Let us know how that goes and if it helps,

NUM 5 on the NUM part of the keyboard

Thanks guys somebody figured it out .I had to reassign the rudders

I have the problem that my rudder randomly snaps to the left,causing my plane to crash to the ground mid-flight.