Running P2ATC on one monitor

Hi. Does anybody tried P2ATC on one monitor? Do you have to Alt+Tab to get to P2ATC screen or is there a way to “lock” it somehow on your MSFS screen?
I’m aware people use cheap tablets and what not to run as a 2nd monitor, but I don’t have that option atm.
I’m also aware of P2ATC 10 day free trial but due to very limited time a have I want to find out as much info as I can.

I use P2A on an Amazon Fire 10 tablet that acts as a second monitor. When you open P2A, it is its own independent window that you can drag to a second monitor with no problem

Depending on how you use it, you may not need to look at it while in sim.
You could set up flight with SimBrief, import them into P2ATC, set up everything and then start the sim and set up there. The only thing you need to do with P2ATC after starting the sim is clicking “connect to sim”.

After that, you can either use voice to communicate with ATC (which of course is the much more realistic option!), or use the “Say it” feature which indeed requires it to be on screen. Not sure if you can lock it on screen but I think so.
If you have the ability I’d recommend going by voice though!

I use it this way. After all the configuration I click the “On Top” button next to the Connect button to keep P2A visable.

Then I click the arrow button above the power button in the lower left corner of the screen. This gives you a minimal interface.

I realize the window so I have is the SayIt menus and buttons.

Under Config > Btns I set a joystick button to minimize the window to the task bar when I don’t want to see it.

Thank you for info. And thank you for taking time to read my question and trying to help instead of telling me I can run P2ATC on tablet (I thought I made that clear in my OP) :slight_smile:
I am planning to use my voice, but my brother is not ready for it. So he will definitely be using “Say it” function and it would be handy to have it on screen for me too till I get used to voice communications.

Just to clarify, so you say you can “lock” Say It window in simulator?

On Top keeps the P2A window visable at all time.

You can then use the minimal interface and resize so it’s small.

When I get a chance I’ll take a screen shot.

And if you mouse click anywhere in simulator P2ATC window still stays on top? In other worlds, will P2ATC window work like in game ATC window?
I really really do appreciate your help.

Yes it will.

Thank you very much. I will pass the good news to my brother. Have a nice day!

When you have it all setup it will look like this:

This can be a helpful way to setup the window as well but takes up more space:

I wish there was an option to get rid of the window bar at the top.

Thank you once again. That’s exactly what we were looking for. And we’re flying C172 too.

Technically I’m flying the C172 JT-A. :wink:

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