Runway change at LEBL and no SID and STARS on the Flybywire A320

Hi guys, I’m using the Flybywire A320 with the new Experimental version and when I’m at LEBL I don’t have the SID and STARS on this airport. Have you an idea why ?

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Do you have them with other aircraft?

No only with Flybywire for this moment. I don’t try an other aircraft for now

You should try other aircraft to identify if the problem is with FBW or the sim in general.

Do you have Navigraph nav data?

I had a similar problem with an airport near me a while back. The solution for me was to uninstall Navigraph. Delete the MSFS navdata file. Start the game and let it re-acquire the missing file. Then shut down and reinstall Navigraph.

I guess the files can become corrupted