Runway lights nighttimes

Hello. After the last update, when I am going to land at night in any airport, all the runway lights are off. I would need to know if it is an error due to the last update or if I can do something in my configuration to solve it. Thank you.


pls report airports ICAO to do tests, any user then can confirm this. Really, my situation is different, I have runway lights but not taxi lights on some airports like LKPR.

On other side, I expect also to have more brighter lights, runway and taxiway also because in this times when weather is poor is simply clear to see that lights are not correct as in real life, are simply like from very old simulator with EGA graphics and from real life inside fog or poor weather lights are more brighter and therefore better visible.

I have the same problem in multiple airports (I’ve lost the number of airports without a bright runway on landing). the problem is that I see the runway lights on take off, but i don’t see them on landing. The strange thing is that I exit the simulator and as i come back in again i go to the airport with no lights the lights reappear!

Because when you start the flight they always work well, they turn off when you are going to land. A real shame not being able to fly at night, they don’t finish fixing a good simulator.

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No runway lights at MPBO. Small airport; but still should have runway lights.

I am an XBox user.