Runway lights size

Hello, total newbie here.

Was tinkering with the SDK for modifying some stuff and noticed the default runway lights look a little too large and unrealistic on my little aerodrome. Is there a way for changing this?

Thanks in advance!

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Very good point. You’re actually hitting on a couple things with this observation.

First, in the US, elevated lights cannot be more than 14" tall unless they are in snow areas (and there are rules as to the height/distance from the runway). Ref. AC 150/5345-46E 3.4.2

The clearance of the 414 fuselage is about 30-36" (depending on strut compression and ground deck angle). The lights in your picture are clearly taller than 14", probably closer to 30". It would be nice to see something of known height right next to the fixtures to get a proper perspective of scale.

Next, you’ll notice that the threshold lights in the sim are often mixture of in-pavement and elevated. I’m not sure of ICAO standards regarding this, but this NEVER happens in the US. Ref. AC 150/5340-30J


They’re also too close to the threshold - standard practice is about 10’ from the end, versus on the runway itself, blast pads and displacements notwithstanding.

Further, you’ll almost NEVER see in-pavement lights at small GA airports in the US, just based on economics and the aforementioned snow for many airports.

There are several things in-sim that don’t conform to standards, and these stick out like a sore thumb.