Runway requirements for aircraft

When selecting an aircraft and a departure airport - I would love to see in an easier way whether the airport and plane I selected are compatible in terms of the length of the runways.

That’s actually pretty easy. Search for the Pilot’s Operating Handbook for the aircraft you are flying. Then, look up the airport on SkyVector. Between those two resources you’ll have your answer.


I think what’s being asked for is a solution that does not require looking up unlicensed manuals and using third-party web sites, but something that’s part of the user interface when setting up a flight.

I think you’re right. :slight_smile:

It would probably help if there were a filter in the world map to only show airports with (longest) runway length of greater than X [selectable] ft/m.

The other place this would be really useful is in the comm/ATC menu, with regard to the nearest airport list. A common MSFS scenario for me often involves taking off from a field I had a decent amount of experience operating from, like NAS Pensacola, where there appear to be small grass or paved airstrips all over the place, and I’m generally just trolling around VFR in the Citation Longitude (as it has vaguely similar performance to a T-39 Sabreliner or T-1 Jayhawk) looking at stuff and then decide to head over to another nearby military airfield for a few touch-and-goes before RTB. Trying to get in comms with the field to enter the pattern for practice landings is a pain because it requires going through page after page of fields I can’t even use when I’m only interested in those of about 8000 ft or longer. It might be useful to have a submenu or something on the ATC menu with a slider that allows you to only show fields with a length greater than a number you set with the slider.

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