Runway tears since SU5

Runway tears since SU5. Nearly every airport I’ve come across has some sort of tear sometimes multiple. Of course if I sit at the spot for 2-5 minutes it goes away due to the data stream catching up. Though this problem became existent for me since SU5. I crashed on my takeoff out of KPDX earlier, and nearly crashed at KJFK…Thankfully the tear was in the threshold. Picture taken of KJFK 31R. I’m just assuming that the servers are absolutely overloaded at Microsoft with the release of Xbox.

Had that in beta it was a problem causedby mods that fixes water heights, make sure you delete those mods since they are no longer needed

No mods…Started happening since SU5.

Strange I dont have that at all only had it when i had the waterheight fixes and that was fixed when i took those out, looks perfect on my end now

This caused me to crash a jet going into PDX on Thursday night. Night landing, I didn’t know what hit me, I thought I might have hit an AI airplane and they turned crashes on for that but…

Took a C172 out of KTTD and flew over to KPDX 28L this morning and it was still there in roughly the same spot. C172 managed to bounce over at a slower speed.

Sounds like others found it too @KPDX-28L so it’s not particular to one person’s setup, they live in the cloud somewhere.

There is a long standing thread for this issue found here:

I suggest that everyone who is experiencing this issue since SU5 file a ticket with zendesk to either say that it is a new issue with them or the previous issue has not been fixed.

Feel free to link either forum thread in your ticket to Zendesk.