Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas


I place the drone on the runway. Set seep to max. Then zip back and worth over the airport (runway) and so far it was always possible to continuously produce “unlimited” tile cracks in constantly changing locations on the same runway. The “best” part is, that you can stop the drone instantaneously … and watch how a (set of) tile crack(s) will heal.

My “test location” is KBFI … but it should work everywhere, where the airport is in a photogrammetry region. It seems like those areas are “tile” based … while the other regions are “mesh” based.

Here is one example image from KBFI:

But in general those cracks are not limited to the runways … I was able to “crack” regular city scenery in the same way … but that is less visible and not critical for the aircraft (flight experience)

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