Runway Tears / Terrain Issues in Photogrammetry Areas

Anecdotally it only seems to affect users flying faster moving aircraft. That said I have also shot a video using the drone camera, and used it to scoot over the surface of a runway that is known to suffer from this, and I never saw it then either.

I primarily fly GA so this may be why I don’t see it. Try the same flights, or at least parts of them in any other non-airliner. I think you might be surprised.

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This has become a major issue again since SU11.

Exactly! I keep having this issue while I fly in the inibuilds a310. Pretty much every airport has this terrain issue. I’m on xbox series S

I second that. I’ve encountered tears and terrain issues at quite a few airports since SU11, i.e. KSFO, KMIA, KBOS, KLAS. I’m sure the list is not limited here.

Well here we are 3 years later and we are still having this issue it has never been resolved and I’m quite upset that Microsoft has come out with many Sim updates and hot fixes for many issues however this is still persistent I have made multiple reports and they say that it has been solved however I keep sending them screenshots and screen captures of the same issue happening three years later this is absolutely ridiculous I am ■■■■■■ at the Developers for not even looking at this problem

Nope. I was in the V35 earlier today and crashed into a crack on landing at KABQ. Tried again in the TBM, crashed in the same place. Tried again in the Longitude, also crashed. I flew in from KSKX (Taos) each time so the scenery would load while I was in flight rather than be loaded on startup. The cracks were in the same place on runway 8, and there were multiple cracks. The Longitude crashed the first time it hit a crack. The TBM and V35 bounced off a few of them before finally crashing into one. I figure I was going fast enough in the Longitude that the first crack ripped the gear off.

It’s an odd one for sure. I only fly GA , and I have never seen this phenomenon.

That’s the interesting part, because the V35 is kinda-sorta fast for a GA prop, but it’s not the fastest thing out there in that category. That suggests that something about your setup is different from those of us who keep encountering the cracks. But who knows what that might be.