Rural scenery after last update

get European style fields everywhere, look of scenery completely unrealistic since update, tuning on Bing data doesn’t help

Hi @daus3475,
Can you post a photo of this?

Prior to 4/22 or thereabouts update, this area was rendered as one large grass field which is very close to real world and the image on Bing maps. Now it’s divided into European style farm fields, not accurate at all for this part of US. Coordinates 44.54 -74.94

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Are you sure it’s not one of those generic fields Asobo puts when they don’t have satellite data for that particular area?

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it seems they did have sat data prior to 4/22 or so when this area was rendered very closely to the image. Also it seems to be a global issue. I’ve noticed these fields in places like Papua New Guinea where they certainly don’t exist in real world, and I’ve seen other posts regarding European style fields in inappropriate places since the last small update.

As of 4/28, the scenery is back to that which it was prior to 4/22. Excellent. Not sure about rest of world, but my backyard in the sim once again looks almost exactly like it does in real world.

Issue started today in South Africa - north-east of FACT for about 20nm. Looks like this is worldwide. Seen other reports. Will check again tomorrow. Before today [21-04-29] it was fine. Something has gone wrong or they are updating Bing data. We’ll see.

Places that previously had satellite imagery have been replaced with generic terrain.

Are they doing Bing updates? Do any of the devs know what’s going on?

I have also found there to be large areas that used to have perfect bing imagery but are now missing the data and replaced with generic textures. This happened just 2-3 days ago.

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@daus3475 when you post a topic and an image to illustrate your complaint, please be more specific.What should it look like ? Give us a comparison RW aerial picture… And what is your complaint… “European style” ? The field you show are definitely not default non-Bing/PG European agricultural fields, those look quite different… when you leave Bing/PG off and then fly over the Netherlands, you will see the boundaries in below image (right below)