Russia - one of the World Updates

Given that the question about updating Russia maps in the Dev Q&A section was so much popular and I guess was the 1st most voted, I’d like to go as far as to “make a wish” here and ask for a full World Update - Russia! :slight_smile: A huge country with lots of beautiful places and climates, handling many transcontinental routes. Let’s see how many votes we can get here, comrades :). Go!

Voted! The huge area for flights does not look the best. I agree.

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Podderzhivayu, tovarishch

Voted! I agree!

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I voted !!!

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Do itone wey or anoter!


Didn’t they say in the last Q&A that they will focus on russia? They are aware of dire state of the northern part of the world.


We want the same kind of attention as has been given to Japan and the US :). Not just improvement here and there, but a complete World Update as it goes in MS/Asobo terms.


Dude, Russia is not only northern territories, but also southern and most of Asia.


Russia is slightly larger than Japan, so it should be problematic to give it the same amount of attention.

You should check out bing maps, google maps, and ESRi, and you will see that aerial photos are a joke in Siberia and northern Russia (often just a few blurry pixels). Unless Asobo gets an oportunity to overfly half the country or access to the Russian Armed forces data, it will be very hard to provide the required photos, and wether you make a poll or not does not change that.

It’s of course not impossible but the coverage in northern latitudes is terrible (and alpine mountains are not much better btw)


I’m pretty sure they said a Russia WU was planned for 2022 - but it all depends on whether Asobo gets access to better data.

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Russia would of course be super interesting because it’s a huge country with places most of us have never heard of.


seriously - skim some of this guy’s Y/T videos for small towns in the middle of Russia you’d never heard of for flying into…

necessarily! Russia is an extremely beautiful country, cities, landscape, taiga (largest forest area on earth) I love Russia

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I’m sure Asobo would love to do it, if you have an idea how to get the imagery. But with the images that have been publicly available right now you can’t do much.

And I’m not even sure Russia has an interest to release their best images, they might have them but if you want to see their country in highest detail you need to send the U-2 like in the old days and don’t get shot down.

In this regard I can assure you there are available images of Russia which are immensely better and up to date than what Bing has to offer currently. It’s all a matter of purchasing the right datasets.

I fully support!

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Yes, it needs and deserves it.