RX 5700 XT and Oculus Rift CV1 - VERY Poor Performance

Hi guys,

Been sinking a lot of time into trying to get VR set up with little success in not ending up with a headache and feeling seasick. Jittery morphing visuals and lots of repeated fuzzy, artifacted frames, frame rates much lower than would be expected with my hardware at the resolution of the two eyes of the oculus rift, and stuttering.

I’ve tried pretty much everything in terms of windows, msfs, oculus, and AMD settings.

I have tried combinations of:

  • Disable game mode
  • Disable/change ASW mode
  • Tried to disable HAGS, but I don’t think I have it anyway, for some reason can’t update my rig from 1909. I’ve tried doing this in 3 different ways, each time it just undoes changes to the system… Added the reg key anyway just in case
  • above normal oculus ovr priority
  • Oculus Supersample in tray tool at 2.0, msfs at 0.5. (Runs bad at 2.0/0.3 respectively despite looking like it was rendered on a Nintendo 64)
  • Worked my way from absolute minimum MSFS settings upwards with no real smoothness/immersion at any setting due to above issues
  • Tried messing with AMD anti-lag and enhanced sync. I always have images sharpening off for msfs anyway because it messes with the clouds
  • Disabled full screen optimisations in compatability properties of the MSFS executable

I thiink that’s everything I’ve done bar setting it up initially by pointing openXR to the oculus one in the reg, I’m running the MS store version of msfs so I’m not running through SteamVR. I’m running the public test Oculus version with stencil FOV off.

Now this might be the interesting part for a minority of people; my rig:

i5-9600kf (same as a k but without the igpu) same issue either stock or @5.1GHz

MSI Z390-A PRO motherboard, included here because I’m wondering if anyone thinks this board could be an issue for windows update compatability?

32GB 2x16GB dual rank, dual channel 3000MHz CL16 RAM

And an MSI Mech OC AMD RX 5700XT graphics card…

Every single post I’ve seen so far about getting VR to work reasonably smoothly has been with NVidia gfx. I even saw someone post a detailed thread with their settings for a 1080ti, using a rift CV1 like mine, which should be comparable in performance to my card. I can’t get half as good performance as them at their settings, and frankly I can’t get the sim playable at minimum settings without getting a headache after 20 minutes because of the wobbly, laggy headtracking and above issues.

So, TLDR, my question is, has anyone had any luck with getting VR working on an AMD graphics based platform, and even better has anyone had any luck with such a platform running a rift CV1?

Any help would be greatly appreciated because I’m stumped at the moment and I’m putting it down to poor implementation on either MSFS, Oculus, or both’s part.

When running the sim on my 1440p monitor, I can get probably around 40fps average running at a combination of high/ultra settings, 100% render scale. I feel like something isn’t working right in software here because at all low settings with a render scale of 30% (bearing in mind I’m running a 2.0 render scale in OTT), I struggle to get 45fps and sometimes I’m seeing 27.5 or 30. I’ll try 30% at 1.0 for testing purposes and get back to you on whether the performance is OK.

Thanks guys!