Rx 6600

Anyone with an RX 6600? looks like it will be a bit more affordable and available to the masses.
I am interested to see how well it performs with the SIM and in VR.

Thanks for your input

I think it will depend on the resolution of the VR headset. For example, I used to own the Nvidia 2070 super and I’d guess the Rx 6600 is roughly similar. So with the 2070s and the Rift S VR headset, I got descent performance. However I wanted more than the Rift S could provide and subsequently purchased the much higher resolution Reverb G2. Well the 2070s didn’t like the G2 in this game. I couldn’t get the settings high enough to take advantage of the quality the G2 could provide so I ended up buying the 6900 xt graphics card. So it will be decided by the resolution you’re trying to obtain.

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