Ryzen 7 3800x and GTX 1060 6gb

I am into the training sessions of FS.

The CPU seems to hold up pretty well. Temperature is moderately high at around low 70C and utilization not close to peak.

My GTX 1060 immediately jumps to 100% when I launched FS and pretty much stayed there in the training session. Temperature is at around 72C.

Should I be concerned?

Nope, although cpu temp is on the high side for FS, nothing dangerous tho.

The Ryzen 3 series with 7nm architect runs hotter than previous versions. It reaches low 80C when I encode video output.

I am more concerned with the GPU maxing up 100% all the time. What’s that mean?

I run the 3900X and my temps under load max out at about 67 degrees, idle around 27. Simultaneous Multi-threading should always be disabled in Ryzen master when gaming as this will deliver the best single core performance. GPU under load in MSFS2020 does average almost 99% usage, this is because there is no limiting factor while rendering, try setting Max Frame rate to 30 in Nvidia Control Panel, this will allow your GPU to breathe a little. Furthermore try removing the side panel off your case while playing, high temps could be a result of inadequate cooling. Hope this helps :wink: btw those temps are not too high, a little toasty but within the range, you should start being concerned above 80 celcius.

That’s interesting, how much increase in performance did you noticed there?

SM should be used for rendering and other multi threaded tasks. The logic is with Ryzen, well at least with the 3900X, the warmer the CPU, the bigger the performance degradation, with SM turned off this issue is avoided.

Will unchecking certain cores in Task Manager Affinity for MSFS’s process do the same thing or I must use AMD software?

I would suggest rather using Ryzen Master, there are other settings which should be set when disabling SM, especially when pushing the core frequency a little higher. Just remeber that memory clock and fabric clock should be set to half of your RAM speed, i.e. if your memory runs at 3000 then set these to 1500 respectively. Bump up all cores by 10-15% and set your peak voltage to 1,25. Under volting ryzen chips produces the best results (in my case 3900X, can’t guarantee this is the case with the newer ryzen 5000) as these chips seem to be very temp limited, the cooler it runs the better it will perform (as with all chips but ryzen is especially sensitive), with SM on the CPU will be utilizing all cores all the time and more than half of these are not needed and causing unnecessary heat. Perhaps give it it try and see what benefits you get. Hope it helps :wink:

Are you running the steam version of MSFS2020?

Thanks for the tips, I’m running on 2700X so no problem with FCLK ratio because I can’t change them anyway. I’ve already undervolted, so it’s around 1.28v when playing MSFS. I just don’t really see any improvement limiting the thread count in Task Manager Affinity. Probably will give the SMT a try.

Any way my GPU maxed out, just need to improve those stuttering.

I also have an Amd build and there some things that I don’t understand. My fps at medium are about 50, when I use the fps option inside dev option it shows my cpu memory usage about 8ghz and my gpu at 4 and usually not more than 5. The worst are those stutters, I see people with 40 fps with less stutters then I have.
My specs are:
Mobo: msi x470 gaming plus max
Ram: 2x8 gb gskill trident z rgb “amd edition” 3200mhz
Cpu: amd rayzen7 3800x oc to 4.25ghz
Gpu: sapphire nitro rx 5700xt oc edition
Cpu cooler: noctua d15 h with 2 140mm fans
Psu: aerolux rgb 750w 80+
Monitor: Acer 1920x1080 75hz curve
Don’t know why my cpu is so “overcharged” and my gpu is most of the time at middle throttle.