Ryzen 7 7800X3D and RTX4070Ti at Singapore

I am so far very happy with my new hardware. I am ultra settings and even over cities like Hamburg or New York i got a very good flight. Now i tested the F14 (but not faster flying than 400mph) over Singapore. I have ORBX Landmarks Singapore and Changi Int. Airport by Cloudsurf (both round about 3,6GB heavy) and i got extreme framedrops sometimes one pic ever two or three seconds so that i crashed in the end. If not i would have stopped anyway.
Is that scenery so demanding or did i just was unlucky with servers or anything else i could not have an impact on? And it was the first time the RTX was at 100% and the CPU only at 40%. Usually its completely the other way arround.

It could just be that you were flying too fast too low in very heavy scenery for what your object/terrain LoD settings are. If you disable your add-ons or fly slower (<250kts) does it still happen?

I guess so but i wonder since my hardware should be ok for it. Probably the ORBX addon is not very well. I will test it tomorrow with a 737 and flying directly over downtown during approach. If it only happens at 300mph and more its quite ok but nevertheless i am a little bit surprised since it lags brutal.
Downtown NY were much more smooth btw.

That does make it sound like it’s a heavy add-on causing it. I think NY is about as resource intensive as the base sim gets

I tested ORBX Singapur and over downtown it was a horrible stutter festival. If i draw in consideration my hardware, this is not acceptable. If i would have known that, i would not have purchased it.
And i flew a 737 with a speed of less than 200mph. If there will be no work around or patch, ORBX will be history for me.
NY was much better compared to ORBX Singapur. And there i flew a jet.

What is your Terrain Pre-Caching setting?

Off Screen Terrain Pre-Caching: Ultra

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