S20 Add-on causes CTD

Purchased DC Designs S20 Goldendale, WA airport in the Marketplace yesterday. When I set a flight there, as soon as I hit “Fly Now”, it immediately crashes to desktop. Tried to set a flight from 4S2 Hood River, OR so I could fly to S20 and got the same result at 4S2. Deleted S20 in Content Manager and was able to load flights in both places just fine. Re-installed S20 and now am back to the CTD problem at both airports. Anybody able to use S20? How do you get help?

Check and see if it’s got a Living World.cfg file in it… If so, try removing it from the layout.json and see if that helps.

(S20 is an airport)

Well . . . lo and behold, re-installed a third time and all of a sudden everything is fine!! Have done nothing else to settings, etc. I had also purchased their PAWG program and have not had a single problem with it. Go figure!! Thanks to those who responded.

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If anyone wants to look up the DC Designs PAWG addon, look it up as DC Designs PAWG. To look up the real airport, look up PAWG Airport.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


Warn me about what, Tom?

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