Saab 340?

About a year ago NextGen Simulation announced they were working on a Saab 340 for the sim. Does anyone know how this project is going? Or has it turned into vaporware? Perhaps someone else is building one

There was an update a few months ago, must be hidden in the emb110 thread stating that, aling with the emb110 update pending… that the Saab release was also iniment…
But went on to say there were issues with harware in developing his product and something went wrong and he lost data or what not…

But hopefully it comes to fruition along with some much needed love with the emb110


I don`t know about Nextgen Simulations but the Saab 340 is on my wishlist.

Looks like they have a long way to go and are really going to have to work quickly on the systems to meet their end of year proposal, but it looks good so far. It still appears super early in dev though for such a relatively complex aircraft. I’ve heard that avionics/systems take 90% of the dev time, even though they may only represent a small portion of the overall product.

I have seen a 2000 flying near me recently and I have to say that it is a very good looking aircraft. I would love to see a good rendition of it in the sim.

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