Safe mode for MSFS

Looking at the different threads in the forum it seems that lot of people are complainings about bugs.
But I’m pretty sure many of these bugs are induced by mods (sometimes hundred of mods installed).

As seen from the developper side, it is obviously impossible to make a proper QA test for every patch including every individual mods that the community may install.

What about adding a “Safe mode”, that will start MSFS in vanilla state (as if Community Folder was empty) ?
When filing a Zendesk ticket, users will have to precise if the bug happen also in Safe mode or not ? That will help to figure out if a specific bug is a consequence of mods presence.

Or people can just move stuff out of their Community folder first.

Why can we not just rename our present Community folder to !Community or something like that?
The sim will rebuild a new empty Community folder on startup.

Yes of course there is still the old way :wink:

But an integrated feature would be :

  1. a cleaner way to switch between both modes.
  2. people will be more committed to switch if there is an integrated feature instead of renaming a folder (provided the function is accessible and easy to activate)
  3. it will prevent manipulation errors

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