Safe to say the only reason this game didn't face as much backlash as cyberpunk is that not enough people even cared

I enjoy Cyberpunk as much as I enjoy MSFS… I still play them interchangeably.

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I never had a problem with cyberpunk at all, which was nice.

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I abandoned Cyberpunk after a dozen hours.
MSFS on the other hand, awesome. :grinning: :+1:

(why do threads have to have speculative titles, purporting to be facts? Not in the slightest chance of the OP being a ‘safe’ thing to say, which is a fact :thinking: )

Perhaps it might be more helpful to vote in the respective bugs and issue thread in #bugs-and-issues or if such an issue thread does not exist, then create one which contains suitable information for others to either contribute to or vote on.

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