Saitek Airbus throttle and flaps reversible conversion

I have created a conversion for my Saitek USB throttle to be more Airbus like. The conversion is fully reversible. The indent plates are stuck on with double sided tape and can be removed. If I want to use the Saitek standard knobs, there is no functional need to remove the indent plates. All parts are printed with my Prusa MK3s printer in PLA.

My design is based on the design of Alex Wierzbowsky

Changes that I made to the original design:

  • I have redrawn the design
  • The split of the body is different (more a body + cover instead of 2 halves)
  • Bolts are counter sunk
  • The handle is a seperate part to enable printing in a different color
  • The mechanics use 3 ball bearings (11x5x4) and a spring with very low play
  • The are indents for CLB/FLX/TOGA settings using the same mechanism as the trustreverser locking mechanisme
  • The flap lever is my own design and is spring loaded
  • Red disengage button is not functional but is planned to be made functional in the future with little design changes. The cable can be routed easily into the body.

If you are interested in the file, drop me a PM.

Movies on youtube:


Amazing work buddy ! do u sell the STL file ?

Very cool design, really like how you added the spring and bearings! Would you mind sharing the design? I couldn’t figure out a way to PM.

Beautiful workmanship. Congrats!!!

Thank you for the compliment. Recently expanded the setup with a “Saitek Trim Wheel” replica. I will post some photos.

I expanded my setup with a “Saitek Trim Wheel” replica. I made it 7cm wide to make it a bit less clunky. The case exists out of 2 parts, the wheel also out of 2 parts. Further inside a rotary encoder and Teensy 2.0, 2 ball bearings and a USB panel cable. The encoder works speed depended, faster turning means larger steps, slow turning very precise steps. It is not realistic as in a real airplane but hey … this is a simulator. It makes trimming much easier. I use Spadnext to integrate with MSFS.

Although I have a “Saitek clamp” ready for 3d printing (including the screw which fits also the original part, I decided to connect the trim wheel in a different way to the throttle, which is IMHO a bit more elegant.

I am also working an A320 FCU. First item completed was, in my opinion most complex switch, the altitude knob. It contains all the required functions; rotate, push, pull and selector for the 100/1000 feet steps (black ring). The switch contains a hollow rotary encoder and 3 micro switches (push, pull and step). For the other rotary FCU switches, I use the same design and just leave out the switch for the step. Connection via Teensy 4.1 and Spadnext.

Ooooh man … too many ideas, too little time.


Your Work ist wonderfull!

Nice. I sold my Saitek throttle/yoke/pedals a few months ago because I have a TM:WH and combat pedals. I’m kind of missing it now. Especially after seeing this.

AWESOME work! I still can’t send PM, so until then can you send me one ? or e-mail me the files for printing ?


Happy that you like it. I responded to the Google drive request and you should have access now. If it does not work, please let me know.


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Thank you so much!
I will print the flap part, but the only thing I didn’t find was the information about that ‘screw’ that holds everything together. Can you help me with that info ?

Hi, maybe this video answers your question. Dimension of the spring and bolt are in the description. I made the video for someone with a similar question.

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